May 15, 2014

Tape Resist Name Art

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For our first "All About Me" themed project, we made this simple tape resist name art! We love tape resist projects. I love that they don't need to be perfect (which is nearly impossible when you are working with curvy letters and tape), but yet they still come out looking awesome and fun regardless. This activity served multiple purposes within our theme. K has been working on learning how to spell his name recently. So, this was a great way to reinforce that concept. Also, in honor of Kingston transitioning to his big boy room sometime next week, I thought it would be exciting (and go with our theme) for him to create his very own personalized wall art. His new room is gray and white with turquoise accents, so we used turquoise washable fingerpaint to achieve the desired result. 

I used masking tape to create Kingston's name (masking tape is definitely one of my "crafting with baby and toddler" staples! I wouldn't be able to do much without it!), and then I taped it down to his tray. He was so excited to see his name. We started by spelling his name aloud, with Mama saying the letters first and Kingston repeating. Then I asked him to point to specific letters which he really enjoyed. The last thing I had him do before I introduced the paint was say the letters on his own as I pointed to them. He did a great job!

Once I put the paint on, he alternated between painting with his index finger (so that he could trace the letters with his fingers) and painting wildly with both hands. 

When he was done, I removed the paper. However, K still wanted to paint. He began painting his tray, and I noticed he was making marks in the paint and then erasing them away. Seeing a literacy opportunity, I guided his finger and helped him form the letters of his name. Then I let him erase them. After that, I made the letters in the paint and had him identify them and then erase them. This was even more fun for him then our painting activity! 

Here he is saying, "Oh a 'G'!" and "A 'T' Mama!"

He got so much more out of this activity then I had planned for. I think that may be my favorite part so far about teaching him at home. Even when I plan the simplest of activities, they have a way of spiraling into fantastic learning opportunities! 

After his art dried, I carefully pulled off the tape. Now all it needs is a frame, and we will hang it in his new room. I think it looks pretty cool! 

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