Jun 7, 2014

Color and Number Learning Rocks

We have been playing with the rocks we collected during our rock hunt for the past couple of weeks, and K is pretty much obsessed. We move them back and forth around the deck and play with them in the sand and water. We have also been counting them. Since we had plans from the time we found them to paint them, and Kingston is really into counting and color learning right now, I decided to combine the two and make us some learning rocks. 

First we painted our rocks using acrylic paints and a foam brush. Kingston did a great job covering the majority of the rocks, but Mama helped get all of the different angles and grooves. As we painted we discussed the different colors. I let him select which color he wanted to paint as we completed each rock. When they were dry, I added numbers to them with a black marker. 

K couldn't wait to get his hands on them when I laid them out for him. He was so excited by the vibrant colors. 

The first thing we did was count all of the rocks. We worked for a while reciting our numbers, and then we worked on ordering the rocks. The best part about these learning rocks is that they are multi-faceted so I can ask Kingston to get the "#1" or the "red rock" or the "red #1". All of these different ways of asking help him to identify his colors and numbers in different ways. 

I love that the rocks we chose were all different shapes and made up of different angles. K was very interested in the way that they felt. 

After we worked on counting the rocks and ordering them, I asked K to give me specific rocks. First we tackled colors, and then numbers. He is still working to identify his numbers by sight, but he has almost all of his colors down. These will definitely be an amazing learning manipulative to have on hand. The best part is that they were virtually free to make! 

Then I asked him to find me multiple colors at the same time. Here I asked him to find me the pink AND blue rock. 

We have played with these rocks several times since I introduced them to him, and I foresee a lot of different activities using them in our future! They are fun, educational, and pretty to look at. 

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