Jun 28, 2014

Fly Swatter Color Mixing

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By now, most people have seen the classic fly swatter painting process art. When I was planning our Bug Theme, I knew I wanted to try this activity with K. He loves when I clap the air and yell "Skeeto!" and thinks that swatting flies and mosquitoes is entertaining, so I knew he would love it. Kingston knows all of his colors, so I thought it would be fun to mix it up (no pun intended!) a bit and do some fly swatter color mixing. 

For this activity, all you will need is a Fly Swatter (we used a fun flower shaped one!), multiple colors of washable paint, and some white cardstock

I taped down the cardstock and first offered him some yellow paint. He used the fly swatter to print with the yellow paint. Then I gave him some blue paint and let him mix that with the yellow. We talked about how yellow and blue make green. He loved swatting the different colors and mixing them together!

With the next piece of cardstock, we mixed red and blue to make purple. Kingston loves the color purple, so he was excited to see that he created it!

K really loved this process art. In between swatting his picture, he also fingerpainted and mixed the colors together. This was a quick and simple activity with a color learning twist! 

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