Jun 1, 2014

Turtle Sand Table Small World

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Kingston's new animal obsession is turtles! He has a Ty Green Turtle Plush that he can't get enough of and sleeps with every night, a Cloud b Twilight Turtle, and even sleeps in turtle pajamas. On our recent trip to the zoo, K acquired the Safari Ltd Giant Tortoise and a set of plastic turtles. He is infatuated with them, and calls the large one "A Mama!" and the little ones her babies. We have been toting them everywhere, so I knew I had to incorporate them into some small world play somehow! 

The solution was simple, the sand table! We have the Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center, and have just started experimenting with the wonders of it. Since we are focusing on nature, the exploration of both sand and water just seems necessary.

After purchasing some play sand, adding some of our river rocks, and popping in the turtles, we were in business! K was super excited to see all of his turtle buddies inside the sand table. 

The first thing he wanted to do was touch each one. So, we counted each baby and identified the Mama. 

He spent some time moving the turtles around the table. Then we buried all of the turtles and pretended that the Mama needed to find her babies. He had so much fun digging each one up and exclaiming "OH a turtle!" 

Then we decided the turtles needed a house, so Kingston got to work raking away the sand so that we could make walls. Once we had our house build, we added rocks around it and put all the turtles inside. I was very hands on with Kingston for this small world, so I wasn't able to get many pictures of our turtle creations, however we had a blast! 

K quickly decided that the turtles wanted to live outside of their home and spent some time demolishing it. He was engaged in this simple small world for quite some time. He enjoyed it so much that we have given the turtles a temporary residence inside the sand table! We have been playing with them daily. 

What simple sensory play have you engaged in with your little ones lately? 

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