Jul 2, 2014

3 Simple Fine Motor Firework Crafts

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This week we are focusing on what else, but the 4th of July! Last year, we did a couple simple print crafts, and this year we continued the tradition by doing a few more easy Independence Day crafts. This time, we focused on fireworks! These are super toddler friendly and exercise a lot of fine motor skills. None of our paintings are perfect, but with process art, they shouldn't be. I love how they all came out! (Side Note: I cannot for the life of me stop humming Katy Perry's Firework as I type this.) 

For the first craft, K used these Bright Poms from CraftProjectIdeas. We dipped them in red, white, and blue washable paint and he had a great time squashing and smashing them onto his paper.

As he painted, we talked about the colors red, white, and blue. K loves pom poms, so this was the perfect easy paint craft for him.

The next painting project we did were Pouch Cap Fireworks! I've been saving the tops of our GoGo Squeez Applesauce pouches (which K is OBSESSED with), and I have many plans for them. One of them was to try to make fireworks. I think they produced a fun result, and they were challenging for K to make the print with. I like that we were able to follow a simple painting activity with a more complicated one!

We dipped them in the different paint colors, and I showed him how to print them. We practiced printing them in a circular pattern and also spinning them. He was incredibly focused and worked his fine motor skills trying to maneuver the odd shaped pouch cap. 

In the end, there was also some fingerpainting involved! 

Our last firework craft was the most difficult for K and required fine motor skills that he is still acquiring. We used mini craft sticks from CraftProjectIdeas to make mini craft stick fireworks! I dipped each of the small craft sticks in paint and showed K how to make a firework pattern with them.

They were super slippery and hard to pick up and manipulate. He worked really hard, but Mama had to help him a bit with this one! We swirled and twirled the craft sticks. K also added some fingerpainting flare.

The result was an abstract firework display! We will definitely be trying this one again next year.

We hope you have a Happy 4th of July! 

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