Jul 27, 2014

Bird Zip Line

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We were so excited to get the chance to review 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! from the awesome ladies over at Kids Activities Blog! When I first got the book, K and I sat down and paged through it. There were so many activities that initially caught my eye that I wanted to bookmark every page! Kingston, also, wanted to constantly look through the book at all of the colorful and fun things to do. 

When it came time for bird week, I picked up our book and began to thumb through it wondering if there were any bird themed activities. Right away, I flipped to the Bird Zip Line and I was sold. This was the PERFECT activity to complete our bird unit!

To make our bird for our zip line, I drew a freehand bird and cut it out for K to color. He colored the bird in different shades of blue, and then we added some cute googly eyes to complete it.

It was a beautiful morning, so we grabbed the two chairs from our favorite table and headed out to the deck. I strung the bird up and tied the zip line to the two chairs. 

Kingston's bird looked really adorable attached to the zip line, and I was so happy with how easy this activity was to put together!

K didn't know what we were doing at first, and kept saying, "I sit. I sit."

After I showed him how the bird could fly back and forth on the zip line, he was hooked. This was the perfect height for him, and the zip line was long enough to provide toddler friendly fun without any frustration. 

He zoomed the bird back and forth for awhile clapping and laughing as he went.

Here he's yelling "TWEET TWEET!"

Kingston LOVED this activity, and it will just be the first in many that we do from 101 Kids Activities!

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