Jul 23, 2014

Classic Toddler-Friendly Bird Feeder

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I have been dreaming about doing classic crafts like this one with Kingston since before he was born, so I was really excited to make this simple toddler-friendly bird feeder with him. There are SO many different varieties of bird feeders that you can make with your little one, but this is the one that I used to make as a child, and it couldn't be easier. 

For this craft you will need:

Bird Seed
A Recycled Toilet Paper Roll (or cardboard tube for those of you who like to be PC!) 
A piece of yarn or string
A toddler friendly knife or spreading apparatus

I set Kingston up at his little table with the cardboard tube smeared with peanut butter. He used his fine motor skills to spread the sticky peanut butter along the tube. This is quite the task for a toddler, especially one like mine who is certainly NOT a pro at using utensils yet. He focused really hard to cover the roll as best he could.

While he spread the peanut butter, we talked about feeding the birds and how happy they were going to be to get a treat!

I helped him to finish spreading the peanut butter out smoothly, and then I presented him with a dish of birdseed. He was fascinated by all the different colors and textures. I had combined traditional birdseed with some leftover sunflower seeds, dried corn, and dormant garden seeds that I had lying around.

He was SO fascinated in fact that he had to take an even closer peek!

I gave him the peanut butter coated toilet paper roll and had him roll it back and forth in the seeds.

I asked him where the birds lived that he was going to feed, and he pointed outside to the deck behind me. This kid is too much!

He was all serious business making sure that he got as many seeds onto the peanut butter as possible. He loved the different textures that they had! It turned into quite the little sensory activity.

This picture is probably my favorite that I've taken in a long time! My boy is getting SO big.

When he was finished, I looped the piece of yarn through the center and then tied it in a knot up top. We hung the bird feeder out on our deck. We are hoping there will be quite a few birds eating from it this week that we can observe and take pictures of!

This activity was so simple, but we were so pleased with the result. Kingston was so excited to do something nice for the birds. I think we will have quite a few new visitors out on our deck over the next few days! We can't wait to try our hand at some more bird feeders in the near future.

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