Jul 25, 2014

Fine Motor Feather Play

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! Have you ever played with feathers? We LOVE feathers around here. When I took out the feathers for this activity, K literally ran to me in excitement! Last year we played with a Feather Sensory Bin, made a Contact Paper Parrot Feather Collage, and used feathers to make a Contact Paper Chick. So, Kingston knew we were going to do something fun! 

I created a birds nest using a brown straw basket and plastic wrap. I tape the plastic wrap to the sides of the basket, and then I cut a slit in the center. I provided K with a plate of feathers and our trusty Dollar Tree tweezers. I placed two little birdies on top (you will be seeing more of these in our post tomorrow!) that he could use as inspiration as he created a nest for them! He knew immediately what to do when he sat down and went to work 

Feathers are an awesome fine motor medium for young toddlers because they are easy to pick up. With so many little fuzzy areas to grasp, the tweezers still provided a challenge, but with perseverance K was able to pick them up. Getting them in the small plastic slit was a whole other situation, but he used the assistance of his free hand to help him!

As he tweezed the different feathers, he told me about each color he was picking up.

He was SUPER focused, and I loved the serious look on his face. He got really excited every time he put a feather in. As he put more and more into the nest, he began arranging them so that they covered the entire bottom.

(I think he looks a lot like Mama in the picture below!!)

He is serious business when it comes to using his fine motor skills!

When he was finished putting all of the feathers in, I removed the plastic wrap and encouraged him to put the birds in their nest. He was so adorable pretending that they were snuggling in the feathers. He also pretended that they were eating the feathers for some reason. He kept saying "nom nom nom" which I got a kick out of!

Our next activity was putting feathers into small wooden birdhouse. This was a phenomenal activity for exercising fine motor skills AND hand-eye coordination. Getting the large feathers into the small hole was quite a challenge. I don't think I've ever seen Kingston so focused before!!

He must have stuffed 20 feathers into the birdhouse by the time he was done.

Then he worked to take them all out! He did a great job. I am really proud of the way his fine motor skills have improved over the last few months!

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