Jul 11, 2014

Fine Motor Seashell Transfer

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! Some of our favorite activities, are the simplest ones. This beach themed fine motor activity literally took seconds to set up, and kept Kingston's attention. Lately, he is all about transferring objects from one container to the other. Such a simple activity can have such a big impact on developing skills with little ones. With transfer activities, as long as I keep the objects being transferred new and exciting, and also the tool in which he uses to transfer, he is intrigued. 

For this activity, I simply set out his big pail and shovel and a plate filled with an assortment of different seashells. Seashells are so unique. He was very excited to look at each one and explore the different shapes and textures. He knew just what the shovel was for and began to try and transfer the seashells into the bucket

It always surprises me when tasks that I would find simple are a bit tougher for Kingston. Scooping the seashells was tricky for him, and he worked hard to get the shells on the shovel. Also, following through with the transfer without dropping the shells proved to be a challenge.

Then of course there was the distraction of how beautiful the seashells were! He couldn't help but pick every other one or so up and take a closer look.

(I totally think he looks like Mama in this picture!!)

As he transferred, we counted the shells.

This was such an easy and quick fine motor activity. K enjoyed it, and I loved that it fit perfectly with our theme!

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