Jul 3, 2014

Frozen Star Painting

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Today we did an extremely fun and chilly painting project: Frozen Star Painting! Last night I froze red , white and blue in a silicon Star Ice Cube Tray. Before freezing, I inserted mini craft sticks (perfect size for little fingers) from CraftProjectIdeas into the top of each star. The silicon made for easy removal of the stars. I set them up on the paper for K in standing position and let him have at it. 

He was so intrigued! He first told me what colors they were. We are still working on saying "white", so this was great practice. He also had to tell me that they were stars. Over and over and over again..

He has been really into popsicles lately, which these looked exactly like, but thankfully he knew they were paint and there was no tasting. He was very intrigued by the texture though. They felt just like icecream minus the stickiness. 

After a thorough examination of the frozen paint stars, I modeled how to print the stars on the paper for him. As soon as he saw me print them, he went wild printing stars all over the paper.

I love how excited he was to create with a different medium. Despite the fact that we have been painting since he was 4 months, he still loves it. It's great to see how he embraces new ways to paint even more so because they are exciting and different! 

He painted multiple papers until the ice started melting. Then, all on his own, he began to use the loose craft sticks to cut up the stars. I love how he put his fine motor skills to good use. He sawed away at each side, smushed, smashed, and mostly made a big mess. He was SO concentrated on it though. I love his face in the picture below.

All of his finished artwork was so pretty and patriotic. I see a lot of frozen paint projects in our future!

We hope you have a happy 4th of July!

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