Jul 19, 2014

Ocean Print Crafts

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Kingston LOVES whales and octopuses. (He is also partial to sharks and the ever legendary Kraken of the Sea.. yup that's my toddler!) So, when it came down to what print crafts we were going to do for our Ocean theme this year, I knew I wanted to include those two! Maybe we will attempt a Kraken print craft next year...

For this craft, you will need: 

Black and Purple Inkpads (Or you could use washable paint - Ink is my personal preference because you can see all the wrinkles and details of your little ones prints!) 

I also like to keep baby wipes on hand for easy cleanup! Ink typically wipes right off with a baby wipe depending on which brand of ink you are using. 

To make the octopus handprint, I inked K's hand purple and pressed it down on the paper. Then I inked three of his fingers again and pressed them in the spot between his thumb and pointer finger. To make the whale, I simply inked his foot black and voila! I told him that we were using purple for his octopus and black for his whale. He was very excited to make both. After I cleaned him up, I went ahead and added the googly eyes and the rest of the details with marker. If your little one is older than Kingston, they could participate and design their ocean creatures themselves! 

Interested in more ocean themed print crafts? Last year we made Beach Prints: 2 different types of lobsters, a crab, and some sandy footprints

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