Jul 21, 2014

Painting with Sunglasses

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It's no secret that toddlers LOVE sunglasses. K is always playing with ours, playing with his own, taking them on and off. (They NEVER stay on mind you.) So when Kingston accidentally bent a pair of Hubby's sunglasses, I thought that before we threw them away we could do something fun with them. We are all about process art around here, so I gave them to K with a little paint and let the beachy magic happen!

For this project you will need:

An Old Pair of Sunglasses (I punched the lenses out of these and bent the frames back to a decent angle. Any old sunglasses will do. In fact, by using washable paint, you could just paint with any pair of inexpensive sunglasses and wash them right off. The Dollar Tree would be a great place to pick up a pair of cheap sunglasses!) 
White Cardstock
Washable Paint

I dipped the sunglasses in the paint and handed them to Kingston. He seemed to think it was a little weird that there was paint on them (which it was!) and examined them closely. His first thought was to try them on!

Then he smeared the paint from the glasses all over his hands.

He used the sunglasses almost as a paintbrush at first, smearing the paint onto the paper. Then he used his fingers to paint designs, while the sunglasses got a few whacks onto the paper with the opposite hand.

I thought it would be fun to add an additional color, so I wiped off the sunglasses and dipped them into some blue paint. I showed K how to rock the sunglasses back and forth to make a print, and he attempted to make a few himself.

Then, of course, since the sunglasses were now a new color, he decided he had to try them on again! I love this kid.

He finished up painting and making his prints, and we let his painting dry. I had to try my hand at making some to! I think the end result is totally cool. This is definitely a great process art activity for all ages!

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