Jul 20, 2014

Paper Plate Whale Craft

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Kingston loves painting, whether fingerpainting, using paintbrushes, or using something unconventional. This simple ocean themed craft was easy for me to put together and fun for him to participate in! Last year during our ocean unit, K made a paper plate octopus and a paper plate shark, so this year we decided to try to create a whale.

To make your paper plate whale, you will need: 

You can opt to have your little one paint with a paintbrush or just fingerpaint! For K, I provided 3 different paintbrushes - a regular bristle brush, a rectangular sponge brush, and a circular sponge brush. He went right to it painting his plate and paper. 

Once his creation dried, I cut a whale tail out of the cardstock freehand. I attached it to the back of the paper plate with some glue. Then I attached the large googly eye halfway down the plate, drew a marker mouth and drew an indentation at the top of the whale's head for it's blowhole. I cut out three skinny strips of blue construction paper and folded them accordion style. Then I glued them coming out of the blowhole to simulate water. If your little one is proficient with cutting, gluing, and drawing, they could definitely all of this themselves!

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