Jul 30, 2014

Sand Sensory Bin Challenge

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For this months Sensory Bin Challenge, we were giving the task of providing our child with a bin of sand and seeing what child-led fun they would have. Kingston loves sand (as does Mama!) and we play with it just about every day. Since we already had sand in our Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center, the setup for this simple sensory play was literally NONE. I simply cleared out the scattered sand toys that were on that side of the table, and let K explore. 

He immediately went to find his shovel and began scooping and pouring the sand out. This is the first thing he always does when he plays in the sand. He loves the calming play of scooping up the sand and watching it stream back out onto the table.

After a little while, he added a rake. He used it to push the sand and make designs.

Then he seemed to have a light bulb idea and asked to get his "mammals" (animals). He quickly went to work dumping the entire clump of animals out into the sand. I couldn't have planned this better myself, because were are focusing on animals for our current toddler homeschool unit. So, I was psyched that he independently thought they would be a great addition to his play.

Once the animals were in the table, he worked on burying them in the sand!

Together we built houses for them, and he engaged in some pretend play in the sand.

Make sure you check back every month for more sensory bin challenges, and don't forget to go see what other child-led fun and learning happened when my fellow bloggers set out their bins! 

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