Jul 17, 2014

Starfish and Sand Dollar Shaving Cream Dig

We love messy play! So, it was only natural that we had to get our hands (as well as legs, feet, and faces) messy with some beach themed sensory play. I set up this super simple and inviting sensory dig for K using a starfish and sand dollars. The filler was one of our favorites, colored shaving cream! Mama likes to play with this just as much as K does. We dyed our shaving cream with a combination of blue bath tabs and blue food coloring. The weather was beautiful, so we did our shaving cream dig out on the deck. Kingston couldn't wait to dig in!

He was drawn to the starfish first and took it out to examine it.

After he set it aside, we spent some time counting the sand dollars. He pointed to each one as we counted to six.

Then he worked on digging out each slippery sand dollar and observing them. Each one is unique and different, and he really liked looking at them. He worked his fine motor skills as he grasped and lifted each one out of the shaving cream. 

I was really excited when K took it upon himself to add his whale to the sensory setup. Our sensory play quickly morphed into pretend play as he swam his little whale through the blue shaving cream waves.

He thought it was so funny that the whale was covered in blue!

He cleaned him off and then dipped him back in again repeatedly. Shaving cream is so fun to swirl and twirl, and the whale allowed K to make different patterns in the bin!

Then he insisted that we count all of the points on the star. Five is his favorite number, so he was excited to find out that the starfish had five points! 

He explored until he was good and messy! It was a blast. We used the hose to wash off after. (No cloth diapers were harmed during this activity!) One of the best parts of shaving cream play is how easy it is to wash/wipe off of everything. Better yet, it seems to make everything even cleaner than it was to begin with! A win win for sure.

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