Aug 25, 2014

A is for Apple Print Craft

It's just about that time again to start breaking out all of the Fall print crafts! Hooray! For our first Fall print craft, I wanted to do something apple related because we have definitely been bit by the apple bug. This craft not only focused on apples, but allowed us to bring a bit of literacy into such a simple activity. 

Typically I don't take pictures of Kingston while we do our print crafts, but I thought it would be fun to capture some of the silly moments! 

For this print craft, you will need: 

Red Ink or Red Washable Paint
White Cardstock
Red Cardstock
Glue Stick

We used red ink to make the apple handprint and the letter A. To make the apple, ink your child's hand and position it so that the fingers point towards the bottom of the paper. To make the letter "A", take your child's index finger and ink and print three times in the shape of an A. While we did this we talked about the letter A and how "A is for Apple". 

I noticed at this point that our red ink was just about gone (gasp!) so I used paint for his feet instead. I must say that working with paint for print crafts is definitely not for me. I love the look of ink and would suggest that for sure if you have it on hand! 

When the print crafts were dry, I added little details with markers and cut them out. Then I attached them to a piece of cardstock. You can write "A is for Apple" across the top! 

I couldn't resist including this adorable picture of what happens when Mama wipes the paint or ink off of Kingston's feet. He laughs so hard! 

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