Aug 12, 2014

Books My Toddler Can't Put Down

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We are book obsessed over here. Okay, I must admit, that it all stems from me and my desire to own every children's book ever made. Yup, I have a problem folks. BUT Kingston is certainly following in my footsteps and it is thrilling me to no end that he is now getting into longer books with plots that are fun to read. Of course, books for babies are great, but my heart truly lies with books that have a little more depth. 

Listed below are the books that Kingston currently can't put down. He is 22 months! I don't necessarily think all toddlers his age will be interested in these books, however, they are definitely worth checking out. 

Port Side Pirates (A Barefoot Singalong) - This book published by Barefoot Books is by far Kingston's absolute FAVORITE right now. The book itself comes with a singalong cd/dvd. I made sure to watch it before I attempted to read it to him, so that I could sing it properly. The dvd is so cute that we literally watch it 4 times every night before bed. It's become part of his bedtime routine. If you have a little pirate lover, you have to check this book out. It's TOO cute. It also helps that the little boy has the exact same color hair as Kingston, and he is convinced it is him. So, if you have a ginger tot, that's something to keep in mind!

Dinosaur Roar! is probably Kingston's number one dinosaur book. It has super simple text, but it teaches opposites which I love! You also can't beat the colorful pictures in this book. If this book is already a favorite of your toddler, don't miss our Dinosaur Roar! Baby Book Club post!

Little Blue Truck - This is another one that has been a long time favorite of K's. If you haven't read this book, or it's sequel Little Blue Truck Leads the Way  to your toddler, you are really missing out. They teach such amazing lessons of lending a hand, perseverance, patience, and more. We also read these books in Baby Book Club! You can read more about our meeting in that post.

Dog Goes to Nursery School (First Little Golden Book) - This book is a First Little Golden Book from the 80's. It belonged to my sister and I when we were little. It was always one of our favorites when we were toddlers! It delights me to see how much Kingston enjoys it. He asks me to read it to him constantly, which is comical since K won't even be attending nursery school, but he just loves it. I must admit, I still do too. It is about a little dog's first day at nursery school and a great book if you are looking to transition your little one to daycare/school. The pictures are beyond adorable too!

My Monster Mama Loves Me So - This book is new to us, and we are both loving it! It is an adorable book narrated by a little monster who's Mama loves him. He talks about all of the nice things she does for him which are silly and monster themed (like taking him to swim in the swamp and feeding him food only a monster would love). It is beyond cute, and the amount of text is perfect for keeping a toddlers attention.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! - Kingston really loves the Pigeon character. These books by Mo Willems are adorable, and are really fun for adults to read aloud to little ones. We mostly read Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!, but I'm looking forward to getting more titles featuring the fun-loving pigeon. There is just enough comedy in it that toddlers can laugh and understand while it entertains older children. These are great books to read if you are reading to multiple age groups!

Froggy Gets Dressed is just one of the titles in this awesome series starring Froggy (or "Fwoggy" according to K!). We have quite a few of these, and Kingston requests them constantly. I love that there are sound effects on each page. It has definitely taught K many different sound concepts and also to use the word "nope" constantly! The books are pretty long, but are definitely great for toddlers with longer attention spans.

The Rabbits' Carnival  - This is another book from my childhood that K is in love with. I am still in love with it too! It is a story about a carnival that becomes abandoned except for once a year when the rabbits bring the carnival back to life. The text is beautiful and rolls off the tongue. The description is gorgeous, and so are the pictures! It is definitely not for a short attention span though. If your little one loves enchanting text and pictures, this is a great choice!

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More! - This book by Karen Beaumont is too cute! It's about a little boy who can't resist painting every part of his body. If you are mess phobic, this may not be the one for you! It's a great way to go over body parts with your little one, and the text is fun for grownups to read.

Quick as a Cricket  - This book is an awesome classic that we love! The pictures are absolutely exquisite and feature a little boy mimicking different animals. The sing song text makes it attention grabbing for toddlers, as do the awesome animals within. I love that it teaches self confidence and has lots of descriptive words! I love reading it to him over and over.

Sheep in a Jeep - This simple rhyming book is one K gravitates to often. It is about 5 sheep on a road trip and the shenanigans they get into. There are many other books based off of these sheep if you like this one!

My New Baby - Out of all the books that we have to prepare K for his new baby brother, this is by far his favorite. The text is incredibly simplistic, and I must admit I make up quite a bit of the text to elongate it and bring Bentley's name into it. My favorite thing about this book is that it depicts breastfeeding throughout, so if you are a nursing family getting ready to welcome a little one, this is the perfect book for your toddler. It is also incredibly affordable!

Big Red Barn - This classic book by Margaret Wise Brown is full of farm animal fun! K loves the pictures illustrated by Felicia Bond (whom I love too!) and all of the different animals and sounds inside. It is definitely appropriate as part of a night time routine too as it takes you through the animals entire day on the farm without any human interaction.

Hush, Little Alien by Daniel Kirk is a necessary nighttime staple at our house! I know it by heart and typically sing it to K regardless of us having the book in hand. The book itself however is adorable. It is "Hush Little Baby" set in space with aliens, astronauts, laser beams and more. Any space loving little one will love this addition to their bedtime routine!

What are your toddlers current favorite books? We'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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