Aug 23, 2014

Contact Paper Apple Mosaic

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I am so ready for Fall over here. It is hands down my favorite season! This simple, mess-free, fine motor craft is perfect to welcome in Autumn or for little ones going back to school. It is so easy that even an infant can do it! 

To make this apple, you will need: 

Clear Contact Paper
Red Cardstock or Construction Paper
Green Cardstock or Construction Paper
Brown Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Masking Tape

To start, I cut two square pieces of contact paper and used one piece of red cardstock to cut uneven mosaic squares. I taped the masking tape down sticky side up and set a stack of the red mosaic pieces next to it. 

No matter how many contact paper crafts we have done, Kingston always seems to marvel at the contact paper itself before we begin. This time was no exception. He has so many descriptive words now, that I loved how he was able to identify the feeling of the paper. "Mama it's sticky, it's sticky!!"

Today's craft seemed to be different than the others. He was SO deliberate in his placement of each of the pieces! I watched him as he placed each piece down in the spot he wanted, talking on and on about how he was making his "red bapple". When he was happy with the way it looked, he told me he was done and said "TA DA!" Seriously, this kid. I can't handle the adorableness that comes out of him!

After he had finished, I put the second piece of contact paper over the top sealing the sticky sides together. Then I cut it into an apple shape and attached a brown construction paper stem and a green cardstock leaf. I love the way the mosaic looks in the window! It is definitely fueling my excitement for Fall!

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