Aug 17, 2014

Favorite Potty Books for Toddlers

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Potty "training" or potty "learning" is something that has been going on over at House of Burke for quite awhile now. Kingston is 22 months, which is still pretty young to be fully potty trained, but we have been getting him used to the potty for a long time. While we have begun to gather big boy underwear and the other necessities for really fully learning how to use the potty, the products that seem to have become the most important in our potty learning journey are Kingston's potty books! He is really into reading his books and seeing characters in stories using the potty. 

Before we talk about the potty books that K loves, we should talk about his potty. We have the adorable, affordable, and highly rated Babybjorn Potty Chair in Turquoise. I chose this model after a lengthy discussion with other parents over on the House of Burke Facebook page. We love it. It is extremely comfortable for Kingston, doesn't take up much space, and I appreciate the extra room in the front that helps keep the urine IN the potty! It is also simple and quick to remove the seat and clean. The fact that it is lightweight makes for easy travel from room to room. 

Now that you've met our potty chair, here are the books that K likes to read when he sits on it! 

Potty by Leslie Patricelli - This book was a must-have for our potty training journey. K LOVES anything Leslie Patricelli (if you haven't checked her books out, you must! No No Yes Yes and Yummy Yucky are a great place to start!) He loves the little bald boy character and thinks that he is hilarious. This book is too cute. The graphics are bold and vivid and the text is simple. In the book, the boy investigates his cat and dog to see how they use the bathroom. I also love that he gets his own book to read on the potty.

Once Upon a Potty - Okay. SO, I must admit... I do NOT like this book. I am not really into the unrealistic pot that the boy uses as a potty, and I don't like the mother's narration throughout. That being said, Kingston LOVES it, so I don't really think my opinion on it matters much. He gets excited to read it, and he understands the descriptions of the little boys body parts and what exactly he does in the toilet. He also likes when the boy tries to figure out what the potty is used for. The fact that it entertains him while teaching him how to use his potty makes it a recommendable book in my eyes! Plus, this book is a classic and has been around forever. They even have a girl version - Once Upon a Potty!

I Have to Go (Sesame Street Toddler Books) - This book is seriously adorable! Out of all the books we have on potty learning, this is his favorite. We don't watch Sesame Street, so he doesn't really know the characters other than from this book, but he is drawn in by Little Grover and his journey to get to the potty. I think he loves it because the language is reminiscent of his favorite tv short "Nina Needs to Go". I love this book because it shows how important it is to resist the temptation to play until you have taken care of "business".  I also love how realistic Grover's potty chair is, like a tiny mini toilet. We would definitely recommend this book for all potty learners!

A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz is an adorable potty learning themed lift-the-flap book. The first thing that I love about this book is the length. It is short and interactive enough to hold your little one's attention, but it has plenty of pages to keep your little one entertained while sitting on the potty. Another thing I love about it is the fact that the character is gender ambivalent. I think this book would work perfectly for a girl or a boy because it never specifies which one it is and you really can't tell. It also depicts the potty trainee wearing a diaper at bedtime and nap and what happens when they have an accident while playing. I think this book is adorable, and a potty learning must have!

There are plenty of other potty training books out there that we haven't read yet. What are your favorites? I would love you to leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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