Sep 30, 2014

Corn Sensory Bin Challenge

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This post is part of Little Bins for Little Hands' Sensory Bin Challenge! Every month, a new simple sensory material is offered to our children. Then the fun part happens, letting them lead the way. The material this month was corn! I absolutely love corn as a sensory material. It screams Autumn to me and is such a pretty base. Kingston couldn't wait to sink his hands into the kernels. 

He ran his fingers through the corn and shrieked in it's excitement, "IT'S CORN!!!" He let it fall through his hands and spent some time sifting the kernels. Then he knew just what he wanted to add. He ran to get two of his favorite trucks, part of the Caterpillar Construction Mini Machines set and the pumpkin that he had picked yesterday at the patch.

I snapped a picture of his new setup before he started playing!

He picked up each truck before deciding which was going to be the best truck for corn filling and dumping. "The dump truck Mama!"

He immediately began filling the dump truck bed up with corn. Then in proper toddler fashion, he dumped the corn and repeated (about 500 times!)

He pushed the dump truck around the corn bin filling and dumping. He really liked pouring the corn over the pumpkin. This seemed to be the goal to filling the dump truck! He used the bulldozer to push some of the corn around.

He spent the rest of the day playing with this bin off and on! Such a simple material mixed with a few of his favorite things really made for a great custom sensory experience.

Just a tip, the deep basket we used also made for NO cleanup! All corn actually stayed inside of the bin for once. Score!

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