Sep 21, 2014

Toddler Library Haul #1

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Growing up, the library was one of my favorite places on Earth. The smell of the books, the endless title choices, and the abundance of knowledge and fun that lay in those shelves was intoxicating. I could get lost in the stacks for hours and they even had a special giant fabric bag that they saved under the counter for me. Back in the day, they didn't really have limits on how many books you could take out, so I took out TONS every month. 

For the past couple of years, Kingston has spent countless hours with me and on his own reading the 1000's of books we own. However, I really wanted to introduce him to the joy that is the library and instill a love for checking out books at a young age. We have now been visiting regularly and he loves his library books. He gets so excited to read them over and over. I thought it would be fun to share our library hauls with you on a regular basis. K enjoys books that are at a little bit of an older reading level for an almost 2 year old, so these books would work for toddler and up! We are excited to show you our picks from the stacks every month. 

I chose this book from the fabulous Fall display at the front of the library, and I must say we were not disappointed. The vibrant pictures in this book are breath taking! The colors stand out so much that K was immediately drawn into the story when I began reading. The text is simple and introduces you to the fun of the Fall harvest. K loved asking what all of the fruits and vegetables were and pointing out the ones he already knew!

We have recently fallen in love with the Pete the Cat books. Our last library trip I selected a couple to bring home and K really enjoyed them. This one was no exception. In this book Pete the Cat takes a trip through the different places at school like the cafeteria and the library, all while rocking in his school shoes! 

Llama is certainly a favorite around here (as you will  notice by the other books we picked up!) K is just getting to know Llama and all of his adventures and he loves him. The drama in this book really made him laugh. Since this was the original, we were really excited to read it. If you have a toddler or older child, I would definitely recommend the Llama books!

Here is another Llama book we picked up! This one has been K's favorite Llama book from this trip. In this book, Nelly Gnu is introduced. It teaches a great lesson on sharing, and the pictures are great!

Llama Llama and the Bully Goat is a book we actually own, but K hasn't received yet. He will get it for Christmas! I picked it up to preview it before giving it to him. He really likes it. In this book, Llama and Nelly are being bullied by Gilroy Goat. In the end, the goat learns to be a good friend. It has a great lesson and all the wonderfulness that the rest of the Llama books have. 

This was another book that was out on display for the Fall. This book has fabulous cartoon-y pictures, and will walk your child through the concepts of Autumn! 

    Leaf Jumpers 

The Leaf Jumpers is a beautiful book about why the leaves change colors. The pictures of the changing leaves are gorgeous. Inside the pages, it teaches you how to identify multiple different types of leaves. This would be a great book to pair with a Fall leaf activity!

We have read some of these books before, and K loves them. Anything with vehicles is a big hit over here! These books are follow similar formats. In this one, the boy's father drives the train which is a fun surprise you find out at the end! 

Here is another one we picked up in this series by Philemon Sturges. In each of these books, you learn all about the different types of vehicles. In I Love Planes!, you learn all about the variety of planes there are. K was really interested in learning about the different types. 

This book by Karma Wilson was BY FAR Kingston's pick of the stack this time around. He has been asking me to read it constantly and quoting different parts in it. This silly rhyming book is about a cookie loving cow and what she and the rest of the farm animals like to eat. It is a great book for introducing little ones to what farm animals eat, but with a silly twist! 

K loves these dinosaur books by Jane Yolen! We own all of the board book versions, so I thought it would be fun to read some of these ones. He thinks they are great. This bedtime one is one we have read every night. Kingston loves to ask me "Whazdat?" while pointing to each dinosaur. Thankfully the geniuses behind these books have taken pity on the parents and hidden the names of the dinosaurs within each of the illustrations! Love it! 

This version is about how dinosaurs eat their food. K thinks it's pretty silly that the dinosaurs have human parents as well as pets like cats and dogs! 

This dinosaur book is great to read to a toddler because if your toddler is anything like mine, you are constantly having to teach and reinforce skills for dealing with anger. This book takes you through the wrong behaviors and then tells you how the dinosaurs REALLY behave. 

On this library trip, K requested a book about "raystars", so a race car book he shall have! This is a fun alphabet book for your little car lover! 

This book is full of vehicles galore!! This is perfect for any transportation unit or just for a little one who is vehicle obsessed. It takes you through the different vehicles with vibrant pictures and fun text!

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