Sep 11, 2014

Usborne Book Review

We were provided these Usborne books in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am so excited to be partnering with Usborne book representative Heather McConley of WonderFunBooks to bring you an Usborne book review!

A little bit about Heather:
I grew up in Washington state, but moved out to New England in 1994, and love it here. I am an experienced mom (kids are now 12 & 15), and my family is a family of geeks. We watch Doctor Who and Sherlock, and play tabletop games for fun, among other things. I read voraciously too, garden, and volunteer at our church and at the kids' schools, in addition to working from home. I've been with Usborne for over 8 years, and my kids have grown up with Usborne, since I started having parties and falling in love with the books when they were 1 & 4. I love helping kids love reading. I love preschoolers best of all , and love helping families learn more about how to encourage their children. Usborne has given me tons of "extra" benefits -- in addition to a huge home library and an extra family income, I have earned 2 trips and 2 iPads, in addition to being part of President's Club and earning national awards.
A little bit about Usborne:
Usborne offers all kinds of unique children's books. In addition to books for sale, they also offer parties (online or in-person), and/or a business opportunity if you would like to earn extra money for your family. Usborne offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime 50% replacement policy when bought through consultants -- whatever happens to the books (including, but not limited to, the child himself ripping the book in two or feeding it to the family dog), Usborne replaces the book for 50% of the price
To stay up to date on what's happening in the Usborne world, follow Heather's WonderFunBooks Facebook page. To order books, sign up to host a party, or sign up as a representative, visit her WonderFunBooks Usborne page.
And now for the books! We received 8 Usborne books to review, half of them from the baby category (for Mr. Bentley!) and half of them for the toddler/preschooler set (for Kingston). Kingston took it upon himself to preview all age groups!

Touch and feel books are some of our absolute favorites for babies. We have quite a collection, so of course Kingston was excited to peek at this one. He can't wait to show his baby brother all of the sweet textured touch and feel animals inside! 

We LOVE this series of Usborne books. We were so excited to receive this one because it is one we don't have. At almost 2, Kingston still enjoys reading these books, and I know Bentley will grow up loving them. These books have bright pictures and fun, textured pages for your little one to touch and feel. They all follow a similar formula and teach children descriptive words while they are reading. We love these books!

This unique and fun mix-and-match book by Kane Miller is perfect for your little boy or your adventure loving girl! Inside, there are three panels where you can flip to mix and match different characters and stories. Kingston was immediately drawn to the fun concept and to all of the different people you could create. He spent quite a bit of time coming up with different adventures! This book is tons of fun.

This was hands down Kingston's absolute FAVORITE book! First of all, it is huge and amazing quality. The pictures are phenomenal, the information inside is invaluable, and it is just perfect for your little dinosaur lover regardless of age. This is a book that K is going to be able to read and learn from for years to come. For now, he is enjoying opening up the giant fold out pages and identifying the different dinosaurs. If you need to choose one dinosaur book for your little dino-fiend, this one is the way to go! 

 Pirates - $4.99

Kingston's newest love is pirates. We are constantly pretending to be pirates, reading about pirates, watching pirates, and singing pirate songs. We were so excited to receive this book! It is definitely way too old for K's current reading level, but he loves looking through it and pointing out the different pirates and ships. If you are looking for a super affordable pirate book full of information for your little buccaneer, this one is a great choice! 

This phonics reader is huge and awesome!! Usborne teamed up with a language specialist to bring a compilation of stories that help teach your child to read. An awesome perk is that it comes with a listen-along CD! I am so excited to use this as a learning tool with K when he is ready to start reading. The pictures are bright and colorful and the text will help your child learn how to read without being too mundane like a lot of phonics readers. 

This set of 9 animal tiny, chunky farm animal books is absolutely precious. Kingston was drawn to this set immediately. These books are perfect for little hands, and the text inside is easy enough for a toddler to pretend to read. K is really excited to read these books to Bentley. Each book mentions what the animal is, what their baby is called, what they eat, where they live, etc. Not only are these books adorable AND educational, but the cool packaging has allowed Kingston to also use it as a sort of puzzle. He dumps the box of books out and then places them back in according to the pictures on the box. This is a super cute set that I would definitely recommend. 

This adorable touch and feel book will be perfect for Bentley! The colors in this book (and all the other books in this adorable series for babies) are so vibrant! I love that there are different sections to trace with your finger and tons of textures to explore. It is a unique touch and feel book for sure! 

Don't forget to visit Heather's Usborne store and her facebook page! 

We highly recommend Usborne books, and look forward to hosting a party for all of our local friends in the near future! Do you have any experience with Usborne? We'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. We have Big Book of Big Animals, and we like it a lot! The illustrations are very good, and all the fold-outs sure keep little ones busy. Seems like we should add Big Book of Big Dinosaurs to our collection. :)

    1. Liska, feel free to shop online any time at your consultant's website (if you have one), or at (if you don't yet). I would be happy to help with other recommendations if you need any! :)