Oct 14, 2014

10 Usborne Books for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! We have been busy with plenty of Halloween crafts and activities, and have been reading plenty of books to go with that theme. Usborne offers plenty of reading books and activity books to get your little ones in the spooky mood! Here are 10 awesome products that you will definitely want to check out.

This Halloween activity book is so much fun!! Inside are 18 great ideas such as flapping paper bats, toothy monster mouth bags, vampire cards and more! There are even 300 glow-in-the-dark stickers included. The instructions are clear, the pictures are great, and there is so much spooky inspiration inside. 

We LOVE these noisy books, and this one is no exception! An adorable picture book on the inside with vivid colors and cute pictures, and a side panel filled with spooky sounds on the side, you really can't go wrong. This will have your little entertained for hours. Kingston can't get enough of pressing the buttons on these kinds of books. The Usborne versions are so well done, 

This isn't a book necessarily, but is full of Halloween fun nonetheless. These spooky stencil cards are exactly what they sound like, fun Halloween cards that kids can use to create haunted pictures. This package comes with 52 stencil cards to encourage hours of creative play. 

These ghost stories will have your elementary reader on the edge of their seat. With 12 bone-chilling  real life stories inside, they will really be in the Halloween spirit after reading this! This would make a really fun holiday read aloud.

This is my favorite spooky book that Usborne has to offer! I love the vintage-y feel of the three color illustrations. The entire book is done in white, black, and yellow. The tale of a little boy who moves into a new neighborhood and tries to catch a ghost from the house down the street is adorable. This a Halloween must read for sure!

With 1000 spooky stickers to play with or share, this Halloween sticker book is just awesome! It also comes with multiple scenes for your little ones to create there own spooky pictures. 

This ghoulish activity comes with 50 wipe clean cards and a pen. There are over 100 spooky doodling activities for your child to complete inside. Then, they can wipe them clean and enjoy them again and again! This is a great product for taking with you on the road, and for sharing between siblings. 

Your child can use over 300 spooky stickers to decorate this creepy haunted house!

This cute book by Kerstin Schoene is an adorable tale about a monster who hears a rumor that monsters aren't real. He sets out to prove everyone wrong! This unique story of determination will quickly become your little ones favorite. 

This is one of our absolute favorite books in the "that's not my..." series. This was one of the first books I ever read Kingston, and the first book that he truly took an interest in! We still read this constantly. The monsters inside are too cute, and there are plenty of touchy-feely sensory opportunities within for your little ones. 

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