Oct 14, 2014

18 Educational Sticker Books from Usborne

Usborne has phenomenal fiction and non-fiction reading books. I could go on and on for days (and stay tuned because I will!) about all of the awesome reading books they have to offer. Although all of their books are spectacular and unique, their sticker books really blow my mind! I have never seen anything like them. They have something for everyone. Dinosaur lovers, music aficionados, popstars in the making. You name it! What really struck me though was how awesome these sticker books would be as a homeschool tool. They would make awesome curriculum tie ins to really reinforce concepts and ideas. 

Kingston loves sticker books. Usborne offers sticker books for a variety of ages. I look forward to using these with him throughout the years! Sticker books promote reasoning, creative thinking, and fine motor skills among other things. They are definitely worth looking at. I'm sure they will blow you away as much as they have me. Below, I have chosen 18 educational sticker books, however, their website is FULL of many more educational sticker books, as well as books for fun. 

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This book would be a great addition to any space unit! It comes with over 130 stickers. The stickers are both illustrated and photographic. There is so much to learn inside such as how stars are born, what it's like to live in space, all about the stars and planets, and much more. This sticker book was written in consultation with an astronomer and astrophysicist! 

This unique sticker book is a phenomenal alternative way to introduce art history to little ones. With over 100 sticker reproductions of different works of art, your kids will have a great time learning art appreciation. This book was compiled in association with the National Gallery London. 

Looking for a fun and unique way to teach your child the alphabet? This sticker book has over 200 stickers and is an engaging way to learn letters! 

This music sticker book was one of the first Usborne sticker books to catch my interest! How unique is this? This book comes with over 90 stickers, and answers many questions about classical music, composers, and musicians. Even more exciting are the internet links included inside that take you to samples of classical music! This would be a wonderful addition to any music curriculum, a great gift for a music lover young and old, or a phenomenal way to introduce music history to your kids!

This sticker book about Egyptian mummies is seriously cool! It comes with a shocking 650 stickers. Written in consultation with a historical expert, there is so much to learn about these ancient mummies. Included inside are internet links to games and activities to engage your child and assist in their learning about this ancient culture! 

How cool is this Spanish language learning sticker book? Usborne offers quite a few of these great language sticker books (as well as tons of regular books for language learning)! This book has over 200 stickers and is a great way to teach your child basic Spanish words. This is a brilliant, hands-on addition to a Spanish curriculum. 

Here is another awesome art-based sticker book. This one focuses on the artists themselves. With over 130 stickers, this is a great way to find out about the lives of many famous artists. Some of the artists included inside are: Van Gogh, Warhol, Dali, and Monet. 

This great number learning sticker books has over 300 stickers and interactive educational activities on every page. This is a wonderful supplemental activity book to teach your child to count. 

How unique is THIS sticker book? This sticker book would be perfect for both the child who loves history and the child who finds it boring and monotonous. This is such a great hands on way to learn about World War 1. In it, you can explore the important events, key people, equipment used, and much more! 

This sticker book is super cool! Learn about the gods and goddesses, monsters and heros, and much more by dressing the different people inside!

With this book, your child can learn about all of the different flags and countries of the world. With over 200 stickers and maps of the continents, this would make a great book to include in a geography study. 

This may be the COOLEST sticker book that Usborne has to offer! There is so much to learn inside. This book has over 130 stickers, anatomical diagrams, and links to recommended websites for more learning about the human body. This is truly a phenomenal hands on way to learn about anatomy!

Oh how I love this adorable sticker book! It is truly a non-fiction book with the addition of stickers. This book takes you on a complete walk through of where our food comes from. This is great for teaching little kids about nutrition and how food gets to our plates. 

What better way to teach little ones about shapes than with a fun interactive sticker book. This is great for preschoolers!

I love this unique Shakespeare sticker book. What a fun way to supplement the reading of Shakespeare. Using over 160 stickers inside, you can dress up the characters from Shakespeare's famous works while learning all about them. 

Do you have a budding fashion designer on your hands? What about learning about fashions throughout history? With this sticker book, your child can be exposed to different fashions throughout the ages. 

This color book is perfect for toddlers! With over 100 stickers, this is a great interactive way to solidify the colors for your little one. This is definitely on Kingston's wishlist!

This sticker book is one of many "build your owns" that Usborne carries. This is such a cool way for your child to learn about cars. I know a lot of budding little gearheads would go gaga for this book!

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