Oct 14, 2014

23 Amazing Usborne Books for Girls

As the Mama of two boys, I don't get to play with or explore many girl-centered books and toys. Now, I am all about boys and girls playing with the same toys and not attaching a stereotype to everything, BUT Usborne offers so many precious books marketed directly to girls that I can't resist showcasing how amazing they are! As soon as I saw these titles, the girly girl in me just went gaga! So, here are 23 fantastic Usborne books for girls. There is definitely something for every little girl (and maybe some boys!) here.

Illustrated Classic for Girls

The Illustrated series from Usborne is just gorgeous. These beautiful, thick, hardbound books feel like heirlooms. This set of illustrated classics contains six stories: The Railway Children, The Wizard of Oz, The Secret Garden, Black Beauty, Little Women, and Heidi. All of these tales are sure to delight your little ones, and the beautiful pictures will enthrall them.

Doodle Pad for Girls

I love all of the doodle books that Usborne carries. This one has over 200 activities on tear out sheets. There are all kind of activities to keep your girls (and your boys) interested for hours. This is a great time-filler to take on the road with you!

Illustrated Stories for Girls

This amazing collection of illustrated stories contains fourteen awesome stories featuring princesses, mermaids, dolls, and fairies. There are a mixture of classic and original stories within. The stories that you can find in this book are: The Princess and the Pea, The Doll's House, The Tooth Fairy, The Little Mermaid, The Clumsy Prince, The Missing Pearl, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Princess Who Wouldn't Get Married, The Lost Doll, Rapunzel, The Princess and the Pig Boy, Fairy in a Flap, The Nutcracker, and The Ghostly Galleon. This a treasury of tales you won't want to miss out on!

Girls' Activity Book

This girly activity book with over 200 stickers, has plenty of activities inside to keep your little girl busy. There are word searches, pictures and stories to complete, codes to crack, things to spot, instructions for different things such as making your own ice cream sundae and much more!

Stories for Little Girls

This beautiful treasury of stories for little girls includes five different tales: The Nutcracker, On the Farm, Alice in Wonderland, The Snow Queen, and Townmouse and Country Mouse. The pictures are absolutely delightful, and your little girl will want to read this one over and over.

Just like it's big sister mentioned above, this activity book for LITTLE girls is just as exciting! There are activities such as dot to dot, spot the difference, coloring, drawing, puzzles, mazes and more. This book also includes stickers!

Drawing, Doodling, and Coloring Book for Girls

These gorgeous doodle books are perfect for your budding artist! There are so many prompts and exciting things to explore and add to on each page. This will keep you child busy for days!

This book is a quintessential guide for girls going through puberty. There are plenty of questions and answers inside to help your daughter discover what is going on with her body. This book does a great job of tackling difficult topics. Usborne also has a version of this book for boys!

Muddle and Match: Imagine

This awesome title from Kane Miller is so much fun. We have the boy version and Kingston loves it! Inside are a series of 3 sections that you can turn and change to create wonderful mixed up characters and stories!

1001 Things to Spot in Fairyland

The 1001 Things to Spot series from Usborne is wonderful. This version takes you through enchanted fairyland. There are so many things to spot and find from frog princes to flower fairies! 

Sticker Dolly Dressing Princesses

The Sticker Dolly Dressing series is phenomenal. They have SO many titles in this series, all geared towards girls. These books are beautiful quality. At the beginning and end, there are dolls to be dressed. In the center are tons of sticker outfits and accessories to dress and style the dolls yourself. This concept is magical. If this was around when I was little, I would have owed all of them. I can't think of a little girl that wouldn't go crazy for this entire series! 

Illustrated Stories of Princes and Princesses

This set of illustrated stories is so well done. The book is gorgeous and comes with an attached ribbon bookmark (didn't those always make you feel extra fancy when you were little?!). This book has a mixture of classic tales as well as unique tales from around the world! 

This book is perfect for your little budding ballerina! It come with a CD filled with delightful ballet music, and plenty of instructions inside for your child to learn plenty of ballet moves!


There are quite a few amazing girly titles in one of our favorite "That's not my..." series! We own That's Not My Dolly and That's Not My Fairy and they are just adorable. These books are fantastic for sensory exploration and learning descriptive words.

The Usborne Book of Princess Stories  

These adorable books have soft padded covers and are filled with sweet princess themed stories for your little one. In this volume the stories are: Little Dragon, The Princess and the Pig, Royal Broomstick, and The Tournament. The illustrations are fabulous. This would make an excellent gift for any princess lover. 

My Jewelry Book

Does your daughter love making jewelry? This book contains all of the necessities to make her very own jewelry line! Inside there are: stickers, silhouettes, punch out jewels, and more. 

Dollhouse Sticker Book 

This book is SO COOL! With over 100 stickers, this is a dollhouse that you can design on your own. Don't forget to check out Usborne's other dollhouse titles!

Clothes and Fashion Sticker Book

This gorgeous sticker book depicts fashion throughout the ages! With a mixture of real life photographs, paintings, and illustrations, your daughter will learn all about fashion while having fun.

Sleeping Beauty Musical Book

This awesome musical book truly brings the tale of Sleeping Beauty to life! With fantastic illustrations and a timeless plot, the addition of music really makes this title standout. Usborne carries many different musical books. We love books that make noise. I feel like this title could span from toddlers on up to elementary age!

First Sticker Book Princesses

This adorable princess sticker book has over 150 stickers! Decorate different castle scenes or share the stickers with your friends. 

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