Oct 13, 2014

Baby Book Club - Five Little Pumpkins

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For Baby Book Club this month, we couldn't resist reading a spooky classic: Five Little Pumpkins! We love the board book version of this Halloween tale (which by the way is INCREDIBLY cheap on  Amazon!) so we gathered all of our friends together for some reading, eating, and playing. 

We donned our pumpkin themed attire for the event (even me!) and sat down to read our story. We typically like to read the book twice so that the little ones have a chance to really soak it in. All the kiddos really enjoyed the spooky story, especially the "ooooooooooohhh" and the "out went the light"! 

This was my sweet baby's first book club meeting! He looks riveted doesn't he?! 

For our themed snack we did a pumpkin taste test!! This was so much fun. On the menu to try were Oreo Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Sandwich Cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin muffins. We also had some delicious apple cider to wash it all down! 

Here is my favorite picture of Kingston from the meeting! He was waiting for his tasting plate.

We put our pumpkin treats on these adorable jack-o-lantern plates, and everyone sat down to enjoy. Most of the kids hadn't tried any of these items, so it was fun to see which were their favorites. It was pretty unanimous that the pumpkin muffins were the much loved kiddo favorite! They were devoured almost immediately. This snack was a huge hit with both the little ones and the Mamas. Pumpkin is definitely one of my all time favorite flavors!

While everyone was finishing their snacks, the boys played in the hallway shrieking and running back and forth. It was too cute. K loves his buddy L!

For our activity today, I put together a Five Little Pumpkins sensory water bin! To make it, I used five foam pumpkins (these are about double the size that I used, but still pretty awesome!) I drew faces on the pumpkins that matched the pumpkin faces in the book. Then I added some fencing from the Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm, I dyed the water using red and yellow fizzy tub color tablets. These are awesome because they don't stain clothing like food coloring could. They also don't stain skin!

I added some spoons, ladles, and jack-o-lantern take and toss cups for the kids to pour, scoop, and stir. Everyone was psyched to get right into it. There was wild splashing, shrieking, and lots of sensory-filled excitement!

I also had our Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bag out for anyone who wanted to explore it. Sweet little Kay below definitely preferred that over getting wet!

This sensory water bin was a total hit! Everyone got soaked and so did the floor. The squeals of delight made the mess totally worth it.

I love the expressions on L and Ks' faces below.

While the older babies and toddlers played, Bentley was happy and content to observe the mayhem from the sidelines!

Stay tuned for our next Baby Book Club! We will be reading Owl Babies.

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