Oct 6, 2014

Candy Corn Shaving Cream Sensory Dig

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This month I am joining my fellow All Things Kids bloggers to bring you The Best Halloween Activities and Crafts for Kids series! Every month, we host a fun new series full of awesome things to do with your little ones. The theme this month is one we all love, so I was excited to come up with something extra special. We were long overdue to play with some shaving cream, so I came up with this awesome candy corn shaving cream sensory dig! 

To make this messy sensory play, I used shaving cream, food coloring, and some candy corn erasers that I picked up in the Target Dollar Spot. I placed a handful of erasers at the bottom of the bin, then I sprayed the section of white shaving cream and smoother it out with a wooden spoon. For the next layer, I mixed red and yellow food coloring (You can definitely let your little ones help if they want to. This could be a fun way to teach color mixing!) and layered that, smoothing with a spoon. For the last layer, I did the same with yellow. I put three candy corn erasers in each section for added learning fun.

The first thing we did was count all of the candy corn! Kingston was excited to learn the name of this seasonal favorite. He's never had it or seen it before and loves to add to his vocabulary. I took this opportunity to talk to him about "trick or treating". He went last year, but doesn't remember it. We practiced saying "trick or treat". It was too cute!

He was so excited to dive in, which made me really happy! Our first couple shaving cream digs, he was hesitant to stick his hands in and had to start off with a spoon before he got comfortable. This time he stuck his fingers right in, and the rest was history.

He squished, smooshed, and mixed the shaving cream with his hands. He was more interested in the feeling of the shaving cream itself this time than the candy corn he was digging for. I don't blame him. Shaving cream is hands down MY favorite sensory material to play with!

The colors became fiery as he mixed them together. He couldn't help painting his arm and his body a bit. He kept laughing saying, "Mama I dooordee, I doooordee!" (dirty) 

He loved waving his arms with the shaving cream on it and seeing where it would land. Note: This sensory activity is NOT for the faint of heart. If you are mess-phobic, you may want to skip this one. Or you could join in with your little one and see just how fun it really is!

By the time he was done, he had shaving cream all over his body and even in his hair. We followed our messy sensory play with some water play in the BATH TUB!

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