Oct 3, 2014

Fine Motor Pumpkin Patch

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! Our favorite season is upon us, and with that comes some Fall themed fine motor fun! K is all about pumpkins. He loves the idea of "picking" and after our recent trip to the pumpkin patch, he is constantly telling me stories about it. I created this fine motor pumpkin patch for him using one of his small shoe boxes. Using scissors, I cut some holes in the cardboard, then cut and traced matching holes in brown construction paper . I matched up the holes and taped the construction paper to the box. Then I cut pieces for all sides to make it feel more authentic. Using a green marker, I drew vines in the pumpkin patch. 

I provided a jack-o-lantern sippy cup filled with pumpkin table scatter. To pick up the pumpkins, I gave K a pair of green Learning Resources Gator Grabber Tweezers

When I showed Kingston the pumpkin patch, he was really excited. I demonstrated how to work the tweezers, and he went ahead and tried it himself. The pumpkins were really difficult to pick up (even for me), so he got quite a fine motor workout trying to pick them up. Despite the difficulty, he was very adamant about continuously attempting to pick up the pumpkins with the tweezers. I was very proud of him for succeeding!

He placed the pumpkin in the patch and I exclaimed, "I PICKED IT!"

After he tried his hand at using the tweezers, he decided to use his hands to place the pumpkins in the patch.

While he put the pumpkins in, he counted "1,2. 1,2". We talked about the color of the pumpkins and about our trip to the pumpkin patch as he sorted them.

I just love his silly little faces!

Seriously.. this kid. He certainly has my heart!

He tried his hand at the tweezers again and did a really great job.

Once he had put all of the pumpkins into the patch, we opened the shoe box up again and dumped them back out. We worked together to put them both back in the sippy cup.

Then I lined them all up on the pumpkin patch and we practiced our counting. We did this several times, with K repeating the numbers after me.

This was such an adorable activity! The best part was that when we were done, I tucked the cup, pumpkins, and tweezers into the box and we have been using it constantly ever since. This would also be a great little game to take on the go. There are so many more activities we could do with this. We will definitely be saving it to revisit next year!

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  1. He certainly has the best silly faces! :-)

  2. What a fun activity! We have those tweezers too- I have to say I don't like them very much, they just don't grab things well. I think we'll be getting the other style of tweezers from Learning Resources soon.

    1. Thanks Samantha!! These tweezers definitely didn't work well for us with the slippery pumpkins, but I like them a lot with less slippery items like pom poms!

  3. We have those little pumpkins, too! Very cute idea!

  4. Love his faces too. :D He's sooo having fun!

  5. I use small food tongs I bought in a package of 12 at Sam's Club with my class of 2 year olds instead of tweezers. They work great! Love this idea for the pumpkin patch.

    1. That's a great idea!! I am still gathering different materials for our fine motor play, and I will definitely have to keep those in mind!! :)