Oct 17, 2014

Fine Motor Spider Painting

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! This week, K wanted to get his paint on, so I set up a super simple invitation to paint with plastic spiders and washable paint. We have been exploring lots of Halloween items lately, and one of the ones that Kingston likes a lot are spiders! You may remember our Spooky Spider Sensory Bin earlier in the month. He was ready to get to work with the spiders as soon as he sat down.

You know how you know your child is a kid blogger's kid? Before he started painting he said to me, "Mama take a picture! Cheese!" I nearly fell over. It was too cute, and completely took me by surprise. I guess I am no longer stealthily documenting his life. He's on to me! 

As he grasped the spiders and moved them around, he exclaimed "I makin' webs!" Be still my heart, he gets it. I am obsessed with this age. He is constantly making connections on his own that help my confidence level. These past two years of constant information is paying off! 

As he moved the spider around he said "dip, dip!" He dipped the spiders in the different colored paints and dragged their legs across the paper making long lines. 

As toddlers fine motor skills develop, they begin to favor one of their hands over the other. K seems to constantly favor his right hand. We may have a righty on our hands! (Side note: I'm a lefty and hubs is a righty). 

After he made beautiful, delicate spider webs (trust me, they were pretty gallery worthy), he decided he must finish his masterpiece by having a classic toddler moment. So below is the quintessential shot of him fingerpainting like crazy and ruining said perfect paint webs. Gotta love toddlers!

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  1. Ha - that still happens to our projects - she will carefully work on a painting, and then "ruin" it with finger painting all over it! lol! Fun idea!

  2. I love the classic toddler moment, what a great shot! That looks so fun though to use the spiders, how cute!

  3. Replies
    1. Wow, Motor Spider Painting!! It is really a cool tutorial dear! I will use this method to teach Aboriginal Art to my son as he has great interest in paintings. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative article!