Oct 11, 2014

Haunted House Sensory Bag

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I absolutely HATE haunted houses. They are horrifying. You couldn't pay me enough money to go into one. This sensory bag is a completely silly and kid friendly representation of a haunted house! There are sweet little ghosts and purple bats galore. Nothing frightening in here!

To make this sensory bag you will need: 

1 Zip Top Plastic Bag
Water (fill about half-way)
A wooden trick or treat sign (or something that represents trick or treating!)
Purple Food Coloring (made using red and blue food coloring)
Small Bat Erasers (found in the Target Dollar Spot)
Small Ghost Erasers (found in the Target Dollar Spot)

Earlier that morning, before we played with our sensory bag, we snuggled and watched Monster House! So, with spooky houses in mind, K jumped right into exploring the contents. He immediately pointed out the "bats and nosts" (ghosts) and we talked about the bats that live outside our house. He told me that the bag was "cold" and shivered dramatically with his hands to show me just how cold it was!

(That is him shivering in the picture below!)

He pointed at the "trick or treat" sign and asked me what it was. "Whazzat?!" This led to a conversation about trick or treating and how he went trick or treating last year. We practiced saying "trick or treat". He was so excited that he kept shrieking the words and laughing. We talked about what he was going to dress up as for Halloween and what our plans were. This bag prompted quite the conversation!

When he was done, we counted up all of the ghosts and bats and sorted them to opposite sides of the bag. Sensory bags are awesome for grouping and counting!

Bentley even got in on the bag, but I wasn't able to get any pictures of it. Clearly sensory bags can translate for many ages!

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