Oct 9, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bag

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We are loving simple sensory bags over here for both baby and toddler play! This pumpkin patch themed bag was super easy to put together and we've used it on many occasions. 

All you need to create your own sensory bag is: 

1 Zip Top Plastic Bag
Water (fill about half-way)
A wooden pumpkin shape (available at most craft stores)
Orange Food Coloring (made by mixing red and yellow - have your older kids help out for a fun color mixing activity!)
Pumpkin Table Scatter
Black Gem Table Scatter
Green Gem Table Scatter
Clear Packing Tape (For sealing the top to prevent from leaking)

Bentley was the first to get to play with the pumpkin patch sensory bag! While Kingston was napping, I took B to have some tummy time. He has some amazing head control and is able to easily move it up and down. He also has an incredibly strong grip, and has started to grab and hold toys and objects. He put his little hands down on cool bag and kneaded his fists up and down. The orange water splashed back and forth, moving the objects inside. He also lifted the bag up and smacked it up and down.

If your child is sitting up, hand them the bag and let them squish the contents around. Talk to them about what is inside. For older, more mobile infants, it is fun to let them squish their toes on it too!

When K woke up from his nap, he explored the sensory bag. He was excited about the "pumpkin patch" concept and told me all about his trip to the pumpkin patch. We spent some time counting the pumpkins inside. We also sorted the different objects by pushing them to different sides of the bag. We sorted the orange pumpkins, the black gems, and the green gems. Then we counted them up and talked about which amount was greater. The big jack-o-lantern wood piece prompted a conversation about pumpkin carving and we chatted about how we are going carve pumpkins soon.

We have used this sensory bag on multiple occasions since I first made it. We even used it at a Baby Book Club meeting! I love how this simple activity translates to so many different ages and stages.

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