Oct 8, 2014

Spooky Night Foam Resist

While perusing the seasonal section at Walmart, I found these awesome foam shapes. They had bats, ghosts, and pumpkins (which you will be seeing in another post!). I thought they were so versatile that I had to pick them up. Then it hit me. Foam resist! One of the crafts we do often over here is "tape resist" art. So, why not use foam shapes to create a similar effect?!

For this foam resist, Kingston wanted to use ghosts and bats. I arranged them on the paper and taped them down. You are going to want to tape them extremely well because unlike tape resist, the foam pieces can pull away from the paper letting paint in underneath and ruining the outline if they aren't taped well enough. So, tape them the best that you can! 

Kingston really enjoyed painting over, around, and ON the different shapes. While he painted, we made ghost sounds and flapped our wings like a bat.

The raised textures mixed with the paint provide a fun sensory experience. Kingston swirled the paint around the shapes the best he could. He asked Mama to help him get in the smaller crevices, so we worked together.

Once K was done, we waited for the paint to dry completely. This is definitely crucial. After it was dry, I pulled off the shapes and removed any lingering tape. We were pretty happy with the outcome!! They aren't perfect, but it adds character to the masterpiece for sure. My toddler artist really liked his spooky night scene and couldn't wait to hang it up. Some facial features on the bats and ghosts completed the project and they are looking adorable hanging in our window.

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