Oct 4, 2014

Spooky Spider Sensory Bin

We are huge Halloween fans over here. For the entire month of October, we are focusing our toddler homeschool on everyone's favorite spooky holiday! The first activity we did to explore Halloween was this fun Spooky Spider Sensory Bin. This bin was reminiscent of our small scale Fine Motor Spider Pull, but on a larger and much more interactive scale. I picked up these amazing large furry spiders at the Dollar Tree and combined it with faux spider webs, black pom poms, black paper filler, and some random plastic spiders!

K couldn't wait to dig in and explore the "PIDAHS!" He told me the different colors of each spider "byack and bwown!" and had to make them dance on the deck.

As he explored, we talked about spiders and webs. As he pulled out each spider, we had to untangle it from the web, working his fine motor skills. He also found it quite funny!

We counted how many spiders we could find in the bin, as well as how many pom poms were in there.

Then K took some time out to explore the crinkle paper. He asked me "Wazzat?" And we checked out a handful of strands and pretended it was bugs for the spider to eat.

Then Kingston played with each of the smaller spiders.

He somehow managed to tangle himself in the web!

Baby Bentley (2 weeks at the time!) joined in the fun. I introduced him to one of the large fuzzy spiders. He ran his little fingers over it and surprised Mama by grasping it and waving it around!

Clearly exploring giant spiders isn't on the top of his list of exciting sensory activities, so as not to bore him, we moved on to something new! ;)

After putting all the spiders back in the bin, K took them all back out again for some pretend play.

He played "Mama and Baby", one of his favorite pretend play games. He pranced the large spiders and their "babies" around and carried on an adorable little dialogue with them!

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