Oct 27, 2014

Toddler Halloween Basket 2014

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It's Halloween week, and what better way to celebrate than with one of our popular baskets? K loves getting baskets at different holidays, and I have been saving items up for this one for the past year. (I am a big after holiday sale shopper!) I like to give our baskets out the week of the holiday usually so that we can engage in fun holiday themed activities throughout the week. For larger holidays (such as Christmas) we celebrate the entire month leading up the event!

You may remember our Halloween basket from last year. Our 2013 toddler Halloween basket was a huge hit with both Kingston and our readers! So, I thought I would give you a peek into what he received this year. 

Basket Contents: 

A Pirate Costume Kit and a Cowboy Costume Kit - these were incredibly fun additions this year now that K is starting to become a bit more interested in dress-up!
Halloween Themed Coloring Books - I bought a large pack of 5 coloring books on sale the previous year!
Pumpkin Puzzle Sippy Cup
Pumpkin Silverware Set
Scarecrow Silverware Set
Pumpkin Plate
Halloween Grow Capsules

Books (click to read the descriptions!):

Kingston tackled his basket as soon as he woke up from nap. He was SO excited to dig in and see what goodies were in there. He has been really into ghosts and witches lately, so I told him "look what the ghosts and witches brought you!" 

He is just as appreciative now as he was last year, except now he knows more so he wanted to play with everything as he took it out. He is super into coloring books, stickers, and the incredible foam pictured above. He wanted to use it all right away.

He loved everything else in his basket too. He was super intrigued with the grow capsules which I got for $1 at Walmart. We will put them in water this week and see all of the excitement. He loved all of his books and dining accessories. The sippy cup also doubled as a puzzle (you twist the sections to make different colored pumpkins), so he thought that was really cool!

Some other ideas for your Halloween baskets: Halloween Play Dough, themed clothes, Halloween accessories for girls (such as earrings, headbands, necklaces), and healthy Halloween snacks and treats!

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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