Oct 24, 2014

"Unwrapping" Our New Book!

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! It isn't just any regular Fine Motor Friday though. Today, all 10 of us FMF bloggers have something exciting to reveal. We wrote a book! Our book 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 is an awesome labor of love and a must have for all of the parents, grandparents, caregivers, and childcare providers in your life. We have included 99 of our favorite fine motor activities. The best part? They are all 100% kid tested and approved by all of our little ones! Each activity has full color photos, a material list, and step-by-step instructions. 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 is available in ebook, Kindle, and paperback. The ebook is available for a special discounted launch price of only $6.99 (with code FMF2) so buy now! 

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To purchase a copy for everyone you know (because you know you want to!), click one of the purchase links below. The ebook is available WORLDWIDE! The Kindle and print copies are available through Amazon.

To celebrate this fantastic event, we each chose an activity from our awesome book to test out. We were so excited to try out a fine motor unwrapping activity from Craftulate using ten different wrapping mediums. All of the activities in our book are incredibly adaptable. In this activity, we were easily able to switch the different wrappings to fit what we had on hand! All 10 of us Mamas know what it is like to want to do a certain project with your little ones and not have the proper materials, so a lot of the activities in this book utilize household and common materials whenever possible! 

We did our activity during a visit to the Glamparents house (another testament to the versatility of the activities in our book!) so I wrapped some of the toy animal figures and dinosaur puzzle pieces that we had on hand. I lay all of the wrapped toys out in front of Kingston and let him have at it. He immediately exclaimed "oh a present!" and dug right into the object wrapped with wrapping paper. 

As he worked to unwrap each one, I noticed him utilizing his fine motor skills in many different ways. Certain wrappings needed to be pinched, some pulled, some ripped, some tugged, some unwound etc. etc. The fabric wrapped item had an elastic around the top that he had to tug off.

He was excited to see what was inside of the "Popcorn" bag, and squeezed the bag clip to reveal the contents. He nearly stuck his whole head inside to see!

The plastic wrap was super tricky. He had to pinch and pull while unwrapping. The "nyno" was inside though, so he was incredibly motivated!

K loves pulling tape off of things, so he was happy to see the painters tape both holding the tissue paper wrapping together and all by itself covering the zebra. Look at those fingers at work!

The giraffe was definitely wrapped the coolest! Kingston was really excited to try to figure out how to get the giraffe out. I used parachute cord sent to us by CraftProjectIdeas to wrap it. I wound the 18 ft cord around the entire animal and tucked the ends in. K had to pluck them out and figure out how to unwrap it. It took him quite a while to get it all untangled, but he was in the zone!

He had trouble with the plastic zip top bag, so I helped him a bit. 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5will even get the grownups working those fine motor skills!

The play dough was really fun for him to pick off. He loved that the yellow dough matched the yellow chicken inside!

There are 98 more amazing activities like this one waiting for you in our new book! You don't want to miss out!! This week only, our ebook (available worldwide) is being offered at a special launch price of $6.99 (originally $8.99) with code FMF2. 

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Our print edition is absolutely gorgeous and is not to be missed! You can find that on Amazon here: Paperback 

If you love your Kindle and are looking for that version, it is available on Amazon here: Kindle  

Get a copy now and get started on these amazing activities with your little ones right away! For more information about the book, please visit our Book page

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  1. I never think of unwrapping as a fine motor activity but it really is! My daughter loves wrapping presents for me - and then unwrapping them herself! lol!