Oct 7, 2014

Witches Brew Sensory Bag

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It is so exciting to have a baby in the house again! I am loving revisiting some of our favorite sensory activities and adapting Kingston's activities for Bentley to explore. Bentley is still extremely young. I didn't start doing sensory activities with K until he was about 4-5 months. However, I don't think it is ever too early to let your little ones join in on activities in any way they can. B has been holding his head up since birth and is incredibly alert, so he seems to really enjoy being introduced to new things. His whole life is experiencing something new, so I think it is nice to include some of the things that we do often around here!

With that being said, I put together several Halloween themed sensory bags for both B and K to explore together. Sensory bags are such a fun, mess-free experience for little ones. They are a great way for younger siblings to get in on a similar sensory experience if they are at an age where they are not sitting up yet or they are still mouthing. 

This Witches Brew Sensory Bag was really cute and fun to put together.

Witches Brew Recipe

1 Zip Top Plastic Bag
Water (fill about half way)
Green Food Coloring
Purple Table Scatter
Green Table Scatter
Eyeball Erasers (found at Target)

Seal shut with the double zipper and then seal for extra leak protection with clear packing tape.

Bentley was the first one that got to play with it! I lay him on our bed and had him do some tummy time. He lifted his head up and was able to look at the bag. I put his hands on it and helped him to squish it and feel the different objects inside. He has been rolling from belly to back since 2 weeks, so he quickly rolled over and lay his cheek on the bag. He seemed to really like the cold against his face.

When Kingston woke up, he also got in on the sensory action. Although sensory bags are mostly geared toward younger kids, K at 2 years still likes to explore what's inside. With him, we explored much more in depth. We talked about the objects inside. He pointed out the different colors of the gems and eyes. He commented on the green color of the water, and I told him that it was witches brew. He liked that and repeated it several times. We also counted the different objects inside. He used a lot of different vocabulary to describe the bag, saying things like "It's green." It's cold." " It's squishy."

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