Nov 17, 2014

10 Toddler-Friendly Thanksgiving Books

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We have been buried in talk, play, and books about Thanksgiving! Kingston is 2 and just loosely grasping the concept of the holiday. We have been reading books to reinforce what Thanksgiving is about and talking about being grateful for what we have and giving to others. While these are really abstract concepts for 2 year old to grasp, these fun books have been helping him to understand! These 10 books are "toddler-friendly" meaning that we read them constantly and we think other toddlers will love them, but that most of them can and will be used with older children also!

The Story of Thanksgiving by Nancy J. Skarmeas is a thorough introduction to the holiday for toddlers. We started reading this book last year as K's very first glimpse at what the holiday was about. The simple text and bright illustrations are a great way to introduce the holiday to your little one. 

This First Thanksgiving Day: A Counting Story by Laura Krauss Melmed is such a delightful Thanksgiving read! The pictures are fantastic, and it incorporates counting. The tale of the first Thanksgiving is loosely told starting from 1 "pilgrim dressed in linen" to 12 "tables groaning beneath a harvest spread". This story really captured my toddler's attention, and even the baby enjoyed the beautiful illustrations. 

Huggly's Thanksgiving parade by Tedd Arnold tells the tale of silly Huggly, a monster who lives underground! Huggly goes on all kinds of adventures in his books, but this one tells a fun tale of a Thankgiving parade. Kingston thinks Huggly and his friends are very funny!

Disney's Mickey's Thanksgiving (Mouse Works Holiday Board Book) - This is an incredibly simple board book that I have been reading to K and B. It tells a super rudimentary tale of Thanksgiving that is a great watered down version starring some favorite characters! The book basically tells in rhyme how they sailed the sea, planted crops, and enjoyed Thanksgiving. It doesn't get more basic than this, but the cheery illustrations are vibrant. It's definitely a cute book!

Thank You, Thanksgiving by David Milgrim is more of a tale of giving thanks than of Thanksgiving itself. The little girl in the story goes through her day and thanks each and every item/activity she comes into contact with or experiences. The illustrations are bright and cute, and the text is simple. This story will definitely get your little one thinking about what they are thankful for! 

Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes is awesome! The illustrations by Doris Barrette are absolutely gorgeous. If there were no words, I would still be happy with this book. However, the adorable rhyming text about being thankful is also too cute! The book follows a set of three siblings as they express their thankfulness for the different parts of their life!

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims by B.G. Hennessy is a fun sing-songy Thanksgiving book. I love that it incorporates counting as you read about the Wampanoag and Pilgrims gathering the different items for their feast. This illustrations show the visual detail of the different groups preparing for the first Thanksgiving! Kingston dances each and every time we read this one!

The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing is TOO CUTE! I love these " the night before" books parodying "The Night Before Christmas" and we own quite a few. This Thanksgiving version is so well written and is just adorable. I love that it shows all of the mundane parts of getting ready as well as the exciting portions. Preparing the meal, carrying in table and chairs, and playing with cousins are all depicted inside!

T is for Turkey: A True Thanksgiving Story by Tanya Lee Stone is an alphabet story that follows a group of little kids putting on a Thanksgiving play. It goes through and gives some really great facts about the holiday in a fun way! Your little one is sure to learn something new, and we love that it incorporates letter learning! 

The First Thanksgiving: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Nancy Davis is a really fun and interactive lift-the-flap board book! The pictures inside of vibrant and in briefly touches upon all the parts of the first Thanksgiving. This is a sweet introduction for your little one. They can learn about the holiday while strengthening their fine motor skills! 

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