Nov 21, 2014

Fine Motor Turkey Craft

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! This week, K has given me a daily request to "do toorkey pawjex!" So turkey projects it is. We are super excited about Thanksgiving, and this little turkey is the perfect activity to do with your tot as the holiday quickly approaches!

This project is pretty simple, but does have quite a few steps! First I had K paint a paper plate with red washable paint and yellow washable paint. He requested a paintbrush over fingerpainting, so I obliged. After he covered the plate (he is getting incredibly precise in his painting!), we let it dry. 

After it was dry, I cut the paper plate in half and squeezed glue around the outer edge of the semi-circle. 

Here is where the fine motor skills come in! I gave Kingston a pile of pom poms in red, orange, and yellow. He pinched the small poms with his fingers and placed them along the glue line. This is the first time we have done such a precise activity like this. Before, he would "dip" the pom poms and spread the glue everywhere like he was painting. However, today he understood and placed the poms in his own pattern along the line. 

We talked about what he was making and how the poms were going to be the tops of the turkey's feathers. It was exciting to be able to let K create his own pattern. We are definitely able to do more technical projects now that he is getting older. 

After he placed all of the pom poms, we took a recycled toilet paper roll and squeezed glue on the back of it. We attached it to the plate as the turkey's body. Once that had dried, I attached some googly eyes and added some facial details and feet with Sharpies.

I love how this little turkey came out, and it was created using all objects that we had on hand!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our US readers! 

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