Nov 6, 2014

Power Wheels Corvette Review

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Today we are participating in Kids Wishlist: Reviewed: a giant blog hop brought to by a bunch of awesome kid bloggers reviewing hot items for your child for the holiday season and beyond! For our review, we are bringing you the Power Wheels Corvette. This is a big ticket item that packs big fun. This car would make a jaw-dropping gift any holiday or birthday! 

Kingston received the yellow version of this stunning car for his second birthday from the Glam*Parents. It also comes in red (pictured above) and a pink Barbie version! If your little one is a car lover or just loves driving, this is such a fun toy. 

Some Facts: 

-It is styled like the Seventh Generation Corvettes. The car is gorgeous and sleek! The color selection is very vibrant. It has chrome look rims, a hood vent, and special clear lens headlights. It really makes a statement! 

-It has two speeds in forward (6 mph and 3mph) and one speed in reverse (3mph). It is the fastest driving power wheels product out there. This provides a definite driving thrill, but isn't too wild. My toddler does just fine with it at top speed! 

-It drives on hard surfaces AND grass - however it is definitely not made for rugged terrain. It is best suited for grass that is flat, not wet, and well-maintained. 

-It includes a 12-volt battery and charger. We can attest that the life of this battery is definitely long lasting! It can take a ton of driving before needing to be charged. 

-It has power lock wheels and easy steering. At 2, Kingston has mastered the steering without any problem. He also can easily put it in forward and reverse! 

Some things to note: 

This car is recommended for ages 3 and up, HOWEVER, my 2 year old is more than capable of driving it. In fact, he absolutely loves it and begs to use it whenever he sees it. Here's a tip, if your toddler is too short to reach the pedals, but still wants to drive, put a pillow or cushion behind them while they drive. We put a couch pillow behind Kingston and it works perfectly!

This car was not very difficult to put together at all. It took my husband maybe 30-45 minutes to get it all together, stickers on and all. 

The Corvette is SUPER heavy making it hard to take in and out of the house. We typically need to ask for assistance from one of the strong men folk! This probably isn't an issue if you have a nice garage or shed, but we don't and I don't want it to get ruined. So, it is in and out for us. I will have to start powerlifting!

This is a single rider car. While this may be a con for a lot of people, we thought it was plus! We want each of our kids to have a car and be able to switch. Eventually we'd also like to get a two seater (don't judge!), but for now it is really fun for K to be able to drive solo. 

We really LOVE this little car! It is so attractive and moves great. Kingston is a little speed demon, so he loves his "race car". I would absolutely recommend this car for 2+ despite the company age recommendation. This would look really great under your tree with a huge bow! 

To purchase the Power Wheels Corvette, just click the affiliate link provided. Your kids will thank you!

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  1. he's getting so big! what a cutie.

  2. This is on our wishlist this year! Hoping to get one even more now!