Dec 4, 2014

Grinch Sensory Bag Painting

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I started doing crafts and activities with Kingston at 1 month old. We started with simple print crafts, sensory play, and painting. I knew that I wanted to continue that with all future children. Bentley has pretty much been participating in our fun in one way or another since he was born. He has taken such an interest in what we are doing, that I thought it would be fun for him to participate in his first painting activity! Sensory paint bags are a favorite of mine for really young infants. As long as they can wave their arms and grasp, they can do sensory bag painting. 

All that you need is a plastic ziptop freezer baga piece of white cardstock, and fingerpaint! Simply squeeze some paint onto the cardstock, close the bag, and you're in business. If your infant is super duper strong, I would suggest putting a piece of packing tape across the top, but I have never had to before and my babies have herculean strength! 

I put Bentley in his monkey chair and handed him the bag filled with paint. I can't even explain how excited he was to paint. Every time I touched the bag or touched his hand to the bag, he would burst out into hysterical giggles. He had ALL of us laughing with his sheer excitement. It was adorable!

As he played with the bag, moving it around and patting it, he painted the cardstock inside green. He had so much fun that he didn't even want to give it back!

After my little artist was done and the painting had dried, I turned it into none other then.... THE GRINCH!! Using just a black Sharpie and yellow construction paper I added all of the details of the Grinch's face. I am in love with how it came out. It reminds me of our Lorax from our Lorax Sensory Bag Painting. I can't wait to do more crafts and activities with my sweet Bentley. He is such a little love!

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  1. Unbelievable - made by an infant!!! So sweet!

  2. Oh, that is just the cutest! I love that you're starting sensory activities so young - I think I waited way too long with my daughter!

    1. Aww thank you Emma!! I like to start them the second they come out of the womb! ;)

  3. This art technique is BRILLIANT and we LOVE the Grinch here! Great job, Bentley!