Dec 6, 2014

I See Me Review - Hello World! and Speedster Personalized Books

 (Disclosure: We were sent a complimentary personalized books for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!) 

I See Me! is a company we love! We were excited to be given the opportunity to review two more books from this awesome company that specializes in personalized children's books and unique personalized gifts for kids! Before Bentley was born, Kingston received a copy of The Super, Incredible Big Brother book and medal (which Kingston still wears constantly). You can read that review HERE. Now we are back with a review on Hello World! and the brand new Speedster book! 

Hello World! is the perfect book for any new baby! It would make such a sweet gift to bring with you when meeting baby for the first time. The first thing that stands out about this book is that it is DURABLE. If you are spending the money to have a custom book designed for a baby, you don't want it to just sit on a shelf and collect dust. You want that little one to be able to enjoy it as more than just a show piece! This book is just that. It is a thick, durable board book and is just the right size for your baby's chubby little hands. 

When you first open the book, you are greeted with your baby's face. What is sweeter than that? You are able to write a personalized message for the baby also! The pictures throughout the story are delightful. The book takes you through baby's day, starting with the morning and ending at night. Along the way, details about the baby are filled in such as weight and height. The lovable little animals throughout the story will capture baby's attention, and all of the personalized portions make a great keepsake for parents!

I can definitely see us reading this over and over for the next few years! When Bentley is eventually too old for it, I will be putting it away as a keepsake for him to share with his children (EEK! Cue tears!)

The Speedster book (brought especially to you by our friends at internationally award-winning publisher Chronicle Books) is a new book from I See Me. It is absolutely perfect for any little car lover in your life! Kingston is vehicle obsessed, so when I saw this racecar book, I knew he would flip over it. He did! This book packs such a personalized punch. There are so many places throughout the story that are customized specifically to your child. 

When you open the book, your child is greeted by their own picture and a personalized message from you (or the gift giver!). You can customize details inside from hair color, to favorite color of car (K's choice was purple!), to friends names for the fellow racers in the story, and more. When Kingston saw the little red headed boy, he instantly said, "It's me Mama!" How exciting for a child to see themselves inside the pages.

The story itself is a fantastic one! It is a fast paced and exciting as the racers race to the finish line. Kingston was neck and neck with his buddies, but won the race in the end. As we read it, K exclaimed, "I won!! I'm so fast!" We have read this book so many times since we received it. It truly makes a great, unique gift for little ones.

I See Me! offers so many unique personalized products that you can get lost for hours on their website looking through all of them! (I encourage you to do just that.. your kids will thank me!) They offer all kinds of items such as lunchboxespuzzles,coloring booksplacematsstickersgrowth charts, and more. There is literally something for every child and every occasion!

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  1. I'm so impressed with our I See Me! book - it's better than any of the other personalized books we've tried. I love that you're starting them with reading so young! :)

    1. I love I See Me! Such a great company! :) And thank you! I like to read with them from the second they are conceived!