Dec 10, 2014

Jingle Bell Sensory Bag Painting

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My baby artist is at it again! This week, Bentley got his paint on with JINGLE BELLS! ! Sensory bag painting is a such a fun, mess-free way to paint with your really young baby. Did you see the Grinch Sensory Bag Painting he did last week? There are so many directions you can go with this. We are enjoying exploring some of them! This jingle bell painting was so much fun for him, and really engaged his senses. It's the perfect paint craft for your baby this holiday season. 

To get started, I put a small piece of white cardstock in a plastic gallon sized zip top bag. I added a few squirts of red fingerpaint and a handful of jingle bells, then made sure it was closed tight. You can put a piece of clear packing tape along the top if you are concerned about it opening. Bentley is still really little, but if he were older and sitting up, I would definitely secure it!

When I gave the bag to Bentley, his eyes lit up and he immediately began exploring it. I gave the bag a few shakes so he could hear the jingle of the bells. Between Kingston and I, we explained to him what it was. It's really exciting as a parent to watch K show B how to do things. Doing projects with Bentley is so different than when Kingston was his age. Our house was a lot quieter that's for sure! It's fun to see how K reacts to watching B explore. Instead of being jealous, he is excited to talk to him about it!

Bentley loved the sound the bells made and lit right up at the sound of them! He's such a sweet little elf.

He ran his hands all long the bag, moving the paint to cover the paper. As he did, the bells moved with him and made sounds. He tried to sneak a few tastes of the bag (he has no teeth, but always supervise your children when engaging in any activities!), but Mama caught him and redirected his attention!

The finished product was some festive process art to put up on the window!

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  1. I love this idea. My little one does have teeth, so I'd probably double bag it, because he's quick!