Dec 19, 2014

Painting with Ornaments

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! This is the last Friday before Christmas, so we are squeezing in one last holiday themed fine motor activity, painting with ornaments. At our house, our tree is full of sparkly, breakable ornaments. Kingston is enamored with them, and will gently (or sometimes not so gently) touch them and examine them. We have a plethora of shatterproof golden glitter icicle ornaments  that he like to look at. Since I am not worried about them breaking, and we have a million of them, I thought it would be fun to let him do a little fine motor process art using it! 

I gave him a piece of white cardstock, some green washable paint (at Kingston's request!), and a shatterproof golden glitter icicle ornament. The ornament itself is textured with small ridged bumps, so that gave an added sensory bonus to our project!  

K dipped the ornament in the green paint and dragged it along the paper. He then began rolling it, creating a cool spotted design along the cardstock. 

What happened next was a welcome surprise, he took the ornament in his hand and held it like a writing utensil. He then began making marks on the paper using the paint. I asked him what he was making, and he said "letters!". So I showed him how to make the letter K. He enjoyed pretending that he was writing, and this pre-writing exercise was great for developing his fine motor skills further. 

Here is his finished masterpiece! It looks like the majority of process art we have around the house! 

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