Dec 5, 2014

Pouch Cap Wreath

Happy Fine Motor Fridays!! We are starting to get pretty pouch cap obsessed over here. This pouch cap wreath was so easy and fun to make. If you have a little pouch addict like I do, I would strongly advise you start saving the caps. They are so useful when it comes to crafting, sorting, and counting! We always have a bunch on hand. 

To make our pouch cap wreath, we used the outside of the shaving cream painted paper plate K painted the other day. It was already the perfect shape for a wreath and was ready for some simple fine motor fun. 

I gave him the paper plate and a handful of red pouch caps. He used his fine motor skills to squeeze the glue (mama helped him!) and then placed each pouch cap on the glue spots. 

He was very serious about the task at hand. Probably because he'd already gotten all of his sillies out!

If our pouch cap wreath wasn't exciting enough, all of the ladies of Fine Motor Fridays are doing a giveaway for our AWESOME book 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1-5! We are giving away 2 print copies and 2 ebook copies to some lucky readers. You can enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. Great - something to make with all those pouch lids! Unfortunately, I think all ours are yellow, lol!

    1. haha! Yup we have an abundance of pouch caps over here (and making more on the daily) so I've been trying to find some creative ways to use them up!