Dec 21, 2014

Tape Resist Holiday Signs

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Christmas is right around the corner!! We have been crafting up a storm and have made way more crafts than I could ever find the time to blog about. However, THIS simple craft is perfect to make to fill the time on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is always a time of excitement and anticipation. It can be hard for your little one to wait around all day for festivities to begin. (I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. Okay.  .  . maybe it WAS yesterday. Christmas is my favorite time of year!) Tape resist holiday signs are so versatile. Whip up something quick and festive before the big day!

I took two pieces of white cardstock and created the letters "MER" and "RY" using masking tape. I gave him some red washable paint and a sponge brush (he's been very specific lately in requesting which paintbrush he wants!). He covered both papers in red paint. It was simple and easy, but allowed him to get some painting time in and create to his hearts content!

We hope you have a happy holiday! 

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