Jan 27, 2015

Book Club Play Dates: LMNO Peas

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Have you ever hosted a book club play date? Over the next year, we will be bringing you a variety of snacks, crafts, sensory activities, busy bags, and games that you can use to host your very own play date. This month, we read LMNO Peas by Keith Baker. This adorable alphabet book features peas participating in a multitude of hobbies, interests, and careers. This colorful jaunt through the alphabet will have your little one learning their letters in no time! 

SnackLMNO Peas Soup from Still Playing School is a yummy way to get your kids eating their peas AND exploring their letters. This is the perfect snack addition to the book, and is hearty enough to turn your book club play date into a lunch date as well. You can even create your own cooking show with your group just like they did!

Craft: LMNO Peas Craft from Craftulate is an incredibly adorable print craft based off of the "parachuting peas" page. Check out the full instructions so that you can make this sweet keepsake craft with your book club play date group!

Sensory: LMNO Peas Sensory Bin from House of Burke (us!) is a simple and squishy pea based sensory bin chock full of alphabet letters to learn and explore. The best part? This activity is taste-safe, so even the littlest babies can have some LMNO Peas fun!

Busy Bag: Counting Peas Busy Bag from And Next Comes L is a simple math activity with a fun free printable! You could print these out for each little one attending the book club, or send everyone home with the link to continue the learning at home. These printable cards not only incorporate counting, but will have your child learning a second language!

Game: Preschool Alphabet Game for LMNO Peas from Fun-A-Day is a fun discovery game that can be adapted for all ages. With a few simple ingredients, your kids will be discovering their letters right along with the story!

Interested in reading more books like LMNO Peas? Keith Baker has two other adorable books that teach different concepts for your little ones: 1-2-3 Peas and Little Green Peas: A Big Book of Colors.

Follow along with us next month for our Book Club Play Date based on the colorful and silly book:

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  1. Oh you know I love, love, love this idea. You have a great line-up of books. I can't wait to see all the fun stuff your team comes up with to do!

  2. Where can I find the rest of the book club dates and activities? For February, March and April? Such a great idea!