Jan 19, 2015

Building Hearts with Blocks

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This week, we are pairing up with two of our very favorite bloggers, Devany of Still Playing School and Dyan of And Next Comes L for Show Me the Love (part 2!), a Valentine's series that will bring you 9 fun crafts and activities to do with your little ones over the next month. We ran this series last year too and it was so much fun. You can see my posts here, here, here, here, and here

To kick off the series, we attempted to build hearts using various blocks. 

Kingston has been on a total block kick lately, so I thought it would be incredibly fitting to attempt to put some hearts together. (I underestimated how incredibly hard this would be!!) I provided K with Lego Duplos in pink and red, bristle blocks (we are LOVING these ones lately), Mega Bloks, and red wooden blocks. We talked about how we could make hearts out of what was in front of us. Kingston was incredibly confident in his ability and went to work making various towers. However, I was stumped! We put various blocks together, and talked about the different shapes we would need to create hearts. 

We made something that somewhat resembled a heart with the bristle blocks, but K made the observation that it looked more like "Mickey ears". True story. It really did! 

We managed to build some decent hearts out of Duplos together! Kingston was being silly and hiding behind them. 

With the wooden blocks, we made several abstract heart shapes using circles, rectangles, and squares. This was a great activity for shape recognition. Learning how to build hearts out of unconventiona materials caused us to think outside of the box and explore shapes in a different way. 

The Mega Bloks proved to be pretty impossible for us to build hearts out of. K had a great time playing "Little Heartbreaker" and breaking the various hearts that we created. He is getting to be quite the little heartbreaker,,, did you see our fun Bubble Wrap Heart Breaking activity from the other day? 

This was a great activity for problem solving and critical thinking skills! Even Mama got to exercise some skills trying to help K create them. Have you ever tried to make unconventional shapes using blocks? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Scented Felt Hearts from And Next Comes L
Waterproof Sand Heart Sensory Play from Still Playing School

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  1. Looking at this E said, "They made a heart! I like the Valentine's Day colors!" Me too, E!