Jan 28, 2015

Charlie Banana One Size Cloth Diaper Review

(We were sent a package of Charlie Banana One Sized Cloth Diapers in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!) 

We have been cloth diapering for almost two and a half years now. At one point recently we were cloth diapering both an infant and a toddler! Throughout those years we have always had a favorite: Charlie Banana diapers. They were the FIRST diaper to fit Kingston when he was born and the last diaper that fit him perfectly before he potty trained. They even fit Bentley from birth! So, when the option to review their Project Child Save - One Size Diapers arose, I knew I had to take it! 

The Project Child Save diapers we received came in a 6 pack of one size diapers with 12 inserts included. The prints are adorable and patriotic - three camo prints, two star diapers, and a red and white striped diaper. The inserts included were sized in both newborn and regular, which can be used singularly or doubled up! There are so many features of these eco-friendly diapers that make them our favorite. Charlie Banana reusable diapers are SO versatile. They have a patented design that allows for one or two reusable inserts to be used, as well as disposable insert option that can be utilized if you are on the go. First off, they are incredibly trim! We have never had an issue with having to size up in pants or onesies. They even fit in Kingston's tiny skinny jeans without problem! 

Another feature I love is the elastic leg sizing. They are like bra strap sizing and are incredibly user friendly. They help you get a nice snug fit on the thighs, whether skinny or chunky. Both of my babies are built completely opposite. Kingston has skinny, long legs and Bentley's are shorter and chunky. These diapers are fantastic for both of them! 

Another awesome feature of these diapers (and one that truly elevates Charlie Banana to "best design" level) is the front flap opening. This makes for easy access to the soiled insert without having to navigate any of the yuck in the back! I can't tell you how many massive explosions that I have been able to gracefully clean up with poo-free hands because of this innovative design. All you cloth diaperers out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! 

What makes this specific pack of diapers even more special is their affiliation with Project Child Save. This organization is one that I am thrilled to be supporting. A portion of all proceeds from this pack of diapers goes to help save innocent children.

From the Project Child Save website:

"Project Child Save is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping prevent child abductions and kidnapping through education and public awareness campaigns. When these heinous acts are perpetrated against our children, Project Child Save, through it's international network, finds these abducted innocents who have been taken against their will and sold into slavery, and retrieves them, returning them to their loved ones.
Every year thousands of children are taken from their homes and sold into sexual slavery. Most of these children are teens or pre-teens, and few ever make it back to their families. The reason is simple - money. Slavery is a lucrative business, and the cost of rescuing abductees is beyond the means of most. Average families can't afford these costs, so they remain helpless as their loss overshadows the rest of their lives." 

They vow to "Never leave a child behind!" This is certainly a cause that I want to support.

This isn't the only charity that Charlie Banana supports either. They also support Operation Smile providing free reconstructive surgeries to children facial deformities, cleft lips, and cleft palates.

Charlie Banana cares about children and about their customers!

We cloth diaper for many reasons: they save money, you never run out of diapers, they can be used for multiple children (which we can attest to!), they are great for the environment, and THEY ARE CUTE! The cuteness factor may be the most superficial, but it is actually a big reason why I have chosen to continue cloth diapering. Charlie Banana's prints are incredibly cute and their solid colors are vibrant and beautiful. There is nothing like a sweet, fluffy, cloth diapered butt!

And for the record, how stinkin' CUTE is my little cloth diaper model? Bentley loves Charlie Banana diapers, and so do we! 

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