Jan 22, 2015

Conversation Heart Sensory Play for Baby

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For our final post in our Show Me the Love series with And Next Comes L and Still Playing School, I wanted to focus on simple Valentine's activities for babies. Some of my favorite activities to set up are sensory activities for baby. For a baby, EVERYTHING is a sensory activity! They are brand new and exploring the world all day every day. It is SO easy to set up simple sensory experiences for them to introduce them to new concepts, textures, sounds, smells, etc. I used Conversation Hearts to set up two quick and easy sensory activities for baby Bentley! (Please excuse the overwhelming amount of pictures. I can't help it. My baby is DELICIOUS!)

The first sensory activity I set up was a Conversation Heart Sensory Bottle. It was as easy as finishing my bottle of water, drying out the inside (I swish a paper towel in there.. VERY high tech!), pouring some of the Conversation Hearts in (if you have an older child helping you, they can get some fine motor practice putting the hearts in the bottle for their sibling!), a little glue on the cap and we were in business! 

Benny was immediately intrigued with the bottle. I made sure that I didn't fill it too much with hearts so that he could still lift it. Those little biceps can only handle so much! He shook the bottle, looked inside it, and twisted it around.

(Look at that little ham!)

My favorite thing he kept doing was using his little toes to help maneuver the bottle. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them. Baby toes are pretty much the best!


We also did some tummy time with the bottle. B rolled it back and forth looking at all of the colors inside. I'm pretty convinced he was reading those conversation hearts. It sure looks like it doesn't it?! 

The next simple activity I set up was Conversation Heart Sensory Bag Painting! We are big sensory paint bag fans. In his 4 short months, Bentley has already done several sensory bag paintings! You can see some here and here

To make this sensory paint bag, I put a small piece of white cardstock in a ziptop bag with some pink washable paint and a handful of Conversation Hearts. Then I made sure it was closed tightly. If you have an older infant or toddler, I would secure it with a piece of packing tape. Bentley is still really little and isn't very rough with it, so I felt safe just securing the ziptop. 

Bentley couldn't wait to get his hands on the bag and immediately gave it a quick taste! (Note: If your infant has teeth, please make sure they are not putting plastic bags in their mouth!) He smushed and pushed the paint around with this little hands. Every time he would reach for a heart, he would put more pink paint on the paper.

We also tried tummy time with this activity, and he loved it! He was really intent on touching the paint and conversation hearts. Trying to move them around really gave him a fine motor exercise!

Don't leave the babies out when you are doing sensory activities with your older ones! Almost every sensory activity can be adapted for your littlest learners AND they are so very fun to watch while they explore! To see all of our activities for babies, you can browse our Baby Play category.

Don't forget to head on over to Still Playing School and And Next Comes L to see what they were up to today! I hope you enjoyed our series!

Foam Heart Tangram Puzzles from And Next Comes L
Melt My Heart Valentine’s Day Art from Still Playing School

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