Feb 2, 2015

Baby's First Valentine's Day Keepsake Footprint Craft

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For the second day in our print craft series with Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, we are bringing you the simplest of simple print crafts. In fact, it is just that. A print. A simple, baby footprint. Something I find myself compelled to do as a mom is capture my babies' prints. It has manifested itself into all sorts of fun crafts on the blog, but I still like to make sure that I am capturing their feet and hands on by themselves on the regular. Call me sentimental or cliche, but the time that they are little is so incredibly fleeting. I want to capture every single wrinkle, crease, and just how tiny they are. Truthfully, I want to gobble them up whole and keep them this size forever, but alas it isn't possible. So that is where simple print crafts like this one come in! 

All I did was ink Bentley's little foot with purple ink and print it on a piece of white cardstock. There are plenty of adorable quotes that can be added to this, but the one I love the one I chose: "Tiny feet tiptoe into your heart and stay there forever!" This would make a great keepsake for not only Valentine's Day, but for any occasion! 

Head on over to Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails to check out their adorable Butterfly Footprint Art! Stay tuned for more print crafts tomorrow!

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